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Billionaire Bitcoin Investors Winklevoss Twins Dare JPMorgan CEO to Short BTC

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Thanks I clicked and read it. What interested me most was reading that::


"Paul believes that Dimon understands bitcoin better than most people in the market but is purposely misleading the public because he considers bitcoin as a threat to their dominance over the global offshore banking industry."


I don't know whether Dimond is purposefully misleading the public but I do think bitcoin is a threat to their dominance over the global offshore banking industry.

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121, one must be extremely careful when reading media articles. There will most certainly be a bias towards one perspective and at times there could be a specific agenda. 'Market Noise' must be taken into account. I would expect someone like Dimon to have a better understanding of Bitcoin than most people even trading it here on IG when it is available to trade! None of us can predict the future even Dimon. However, with his position, experience and contacts one would expect him to be able to come up with realistic possibilities. 


The real question is how much more capital can or will the 'whales' put in Bitcoin. It is rumoured that 1000 'big investors' hold around 40% of the Bitcoin market. If this is true and they only put in a very small amount of their wealth into Bitcoin and they have more ammunition then it will be interesting to see where they can take Bitcoin along with all the new investors continuing to buy Bitcoin across the world.


If the 'whales' were to have a collective understanding then they could seriously effect the direction of Bitcoin and the pace in which it arrives at its destination.

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I believe earlier this quarter some diversification of the brand was put about and it foundered. I don't know whether I read enough but their hands appeared tied by the other 60%. It gave an inkling about how the brand could develop next year if a critical mass could agree!!!!

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    • yes, keep away from ftse and gbpusd until brexit is sorted, yesterday was deal done, then last night no deal, then this morning deal done at 2am news released about half an hour ago, that's why it's all over the place. look at these dax and ftse HA M5 charts.  
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