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Profitable traders: the characteristics to be successful

Guest oilfxpro

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Guest oilfxpro

This blog leads to traders to the roads of successful trading career for the average person.


Read about profitable successful & professional trading, what it takes  to be successful, profitable and consistently profitable.There are  Profitable strategies and information of how to be profitable.


Debunk all the myths about technical analysis, price action, trend trading  and day trading .Warren  Buffet does none of this , he just buys value and holds.How do buy value and trade  short term ?




Just  follow Warren Buffet thinking , he was successful and is consistently successful.


Warren Buffet thinking : buy value : apply this to trading.









Do trading education scammers (99.99% of the "industry") ever feel guilty?


You don't want to follow Joe Blog ?Follow the successful people in life .





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Guest oilfxpro


Two really great videos I have heard many times about successful traders.


Books may be worth reading, but you can get same info for free on youtube.










RISK WARNING:no trading strategy is guaranteed to make money, and the phrase 'proven' can be easily misinterpreted. This is an open forum , it can't be easily misinterpreted by those new to trading who could follow a set of rules without proper due diligence on the validity of those claims. It can also be misinterpreted and used incorrectly by experienced traders.


If you are new to trading please make sure you know the risk associated with your trade and don't simply follow a online guide.


Many experienced traders make mistakes as below.




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