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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence - Investment Theme Idea Sharing

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I have just recently suggested two long term fund ideas which could generate and create wealth for anyone with younger children / grandchildren. 


The two themes are Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Pictet offer a Robotics fund and several fund management companies now offer Artificial Intelligence (AI) funds. I feel these two areas could see some enormous growth in the years to come so I would encourage at least holding for minimum 5-10 years but possibly 20-40 years. This could see a fantastic opportunity for long term wealth creation.


If you look at the performance of biotech funds which was extremely popular over the past 5 years or so and look at the returns generated then you already have people investing in biotech who could easily add into such funds as well as some of them switching to robotic and AI funds. 


Those who know me in relation to the IG Community will now I am an advocate of Blockchain. I can see Blockchain as a path to Artificial Intelligence. I say this as smart contract platforms are being designed to run at graduated stages of increasing automation, autonomy and complexity. 

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I was inspired by @Caseynotes Uranium thread to add to this thread which I started back in December 2017 so around one year and three months ago.

I am taking my trading hat off and putting my investment hat on. I am an investor first and trader second. I have been an investor far longer than a trader. 

I have been investing in Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence for over a couple of years now when the investment funds first came on the scene. I have experienced positive total returns and annualised returns in this area to date. I am still invested and am investing in funds every month using a 'Pound Cost Averaging' strategy with lump sum investments only on large corrections and falls as and when they arise but otherwise no lump sum investing. Just regular monthly amounts. 

I want to share some of the investments that I personally have invested in below. I want to demonstrate that I am not just merely all words (though I can write lots!)😂 but I am happy to back it up with real life examples within my own personal investment portfolio which I am not obliged to share but will to demonstrate that it is really not difficult to share real investments and real trades with others on this IG Community. 

The one thing to note is that the performance differs but they are all in the positive territory. Of course this depends on when you actually invested but bearing in mind this is still not in most people investment portfolios then imagine when it is! Imagine when institutional investors and retail investors increase their exposure and allocation to this area within their investment portfolios? I think over a longer term horizon this area is going to deliver some very positive returns indeed. 

I am already seeing a lot of companies embrace and implement AI into their organisations. Robotics is starting to appear in the health sector, engineering sector and manufacturing sector. It is happening now. Japan is a big leader in this area. Automation is being implemented in office environments in the UK. I am seeing it now. 

There are some others that some of you may wish to look at or consider as below:

This delivered a 37% return last year. Not many investments can boast that level of aggressive returns.

There are many other funds and ETF's in this area on other broker platforms.  I am not suggesting that any of you invest in these or in fact invest in this particular theme. It is one for which I personally have a strong conviction based on my reading, research, acquiring of knowledge and experience. Should you be interested then you must conduct your own research and make your own informed decision. No doubt there will be some of you who do not think these are good investments and that is fine. I am sure there are investments that have returns more over the same period. I am investing in this theme for the long term and have a 10 - 20 year time horizon but that is me personally. I do not know or cannot guarantee that these funds will offer excellent returns going forwards but that is the risk involved in investing. My research has led me to a strong conviction in this theme but it may not for others and that is fine. What I have done is backed up my personal investments with some real life returns which are positive which go to supporting my conviction.

Could the returns go higher in the future? Of course they could but I do not know for sure they will but this is where the level of research and acquiring of knowledge is essential. Add real life examples around the world and then one begins to see the potential that this area has in terms of investment returns. 

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For those that know me, I put my money where my mouth is.  🤑

I invest in investment funds in relation to robotics, automation and artificial intelligence and the returns have been very good even after the recent correction.

This is one example of where I have tried to get in as early as possible on this long term trend which I think will become part of the younger generation investors' portfolios. It will be like how Biotech funds were a few years back or healthcare funds have been recently. 

I wanted to share some news released this week which I think is phenomenal.

SAS announces $1 Billion investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI)


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I have just noticed this ETF available on IG's platform.


As you can see the price performance was excellent from 2016 to 2018. 

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Potential Investment Idea:

There has been a recent drop / pullback / correction in this niche market. Once this drop has played out then there may be an attractive entry point for those who have not got any allocation in their investment portfolios in relation to this.

Also for those who are already invested there may be an opportune moment to consider adding or topping up your investments in this area.

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Those who invested in Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence several years ago will be sitting on very healthy profits and gains. There has been a correction which has been needed and was expected. Once this is completed the next wave (leg up should commence) as more and more people and investors realise the potential returns and performance of this particular niche sector.

I just looked at the ETF's for this sector and compared them to investments trusts / funds and it seems that certain funds who have a fund manager that has stock picked rather wisely and allocated the funds capital efficiently have outperformed ETF's. Not all but to investors should look at the performance of say Smith and Williamson's fund against a typical ETF in this sector to see the point I am making.

Below is an article which some of you may find of interest:




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