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Litecoin coming soon !

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I have noticed I.G are showing Litecoin will be coming soon on its platform to be traded. The question I'm asking is this, what equal chance do I have to get in on the trade rather than being blocked out by the professionals ? It's frustrating trying to get in onto any of the crypto's due to allocations having been filled by professionals rather than loyal retail customers.

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Hi - Litecoin went live a couple of days ago, however after an initial flurry of buying we have now reached our internal limits. I appreciate that it's frustrating, and we are looking into methods to resolve these restrictions, however at present there are instances when the crypto markets are unlongable / unborrowable.  

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I appreciate this James, but can you please look at putting an indicator next to the market as I know I can look at the info section but this would make it a lot more simple and not have to keep going in to the market each time so see when you can buy. This goes for all cryptos.

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    • A demo account should work the same as live, otherwise it is misleading.
    • Hey,  The demo leveraged account will work in the same way however there are some issues on the demo account because we test on there to make sure the live account runs as smoothly as possible.  Unfortunately, as mentioned before, we don't offer demo for portfolios but you can find the performance information here. Say you wanted to see the data back from 31st July 2014, you can go back and see the performance since that time: https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/smart-portfolios/performance Thanks for your post. I will get this looked into so going forward this does not happen.   
    • @Trevbeats, Yes I do trade but I am an investor first and then a trader. I trade from the U.K.