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The Contributor of the Month for December RESULTS


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The Contributor of the Month for December is now over! I would like to thank everyone who contributed this month to help bring the Community to life. This is the second time in as many months that we've given away £500 worth of prizes (over three places)  and we're looking to do it again for January, and you can see the original posting here


Hopefully the more veteran members here will have seen activity and discussion increase over the last couple of months on the back of this, and we hope this will continue as we slowly integrate Community into the wider IG ecosystem. 


small.pngAs before, the decision making process was a tricky one. We didn't want to focus purely on post count, and instead we were looking for the Community member who helped bring the community to life. This would include posting interesting trade ideas, helping others, answering questions, and adding interesting rich media such as picture, videos, and links. 


1st place goes to  for some great posts and trade ideas on a number of different markets. The Santa Rally thread was in depth and well discussed, whilst things like the Twitter post gave an interesting trade idea. Community requested help on trade discussion here and here, MC involvement, and fundamental trade help seemed well received. I shall drop you a line with how we now proceed. Congratulations and keep 'em coming.


2nd place goes to  for a number of reasons. Not only where there a number of significant posts and trade ideas surrounding blockchain and crypto currencies, but other asset classes such as commodities and longer term trading share themes. 


This month the 3rd place was slightly different and reserved for someone new to IG Community.  was the winner of this one on the back of the query regarding the large end of year Tom Next which you can see here, along with some in depth follow up questions. The post received almost 700 views in 5 days and was promoted as one of the top 3 questions at the top of the help and support portal for a couple of days. I shall drop you a line with how we now proceed. 


Thank you very much to everyone who participated, and I'm sure you'll all join me in congratulating the above winners. Don't forget a total of £500 (split over three prizes / or the equivalent) is up for grabs once more in January!

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Wow! thank you very much, IG, it is quite pleasing to be given this title!


Congratulations to  ( -  I shall go and read your post this evening) and also to .


I am glad there was so much interest in the Santa Rally 2017 thread, there were many different ideas coming out of how to approach this trade. This trade worked for me, and we now have to wait 12 months to play it again. :smileyhappy:

As to 'Congratulations and keep 'em coming.' Indeed I will (I am not at my screen all day so my posts are often in chunks) I find the platform lends itself very well to posting. I have ongoing threads in SHP - which we are running as a dummy, but 'live' trading idea and  TWTR  and William Hill (which I think is in for a really positive year) so please I invite people to join me on those, and a new thread I am currently drafting  concerns some large cap stocks, which Community members are invited to contribute to and share their thoughts on these stocks.



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Wow, I really haven't done anything to deserve this, but thank you so much! :smileyvery-happy: Very much enjoying being part of the community, and really appreciate the time you put into responding James.  Congratulations to  @rimmy2000 and @TrendFollower ! Off to read your posts now... (Ooh and something on crypto - great! I'm just trying to get my head round that at the moment.)

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