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Profitable Indices trading strategies

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Many of these systems on indices have been traded  on live accounts.


Profitable index trading strategies and information is all freely available.Test it on demo for a few months before using real money.Test them and back test these strategies before using any strategy from youtube or the internet.


profitable traders profitable trading system profitable trading method

Learn the truth about profitable successful & professional indices stock market index trading


Warning :Before using any strategy  read the following .

Trading leveraged products  can result in losses that exceed deposits. Trading carries risk of loss. Please ensure you fully understand the risks and take care to manage your exposure.


Read the links provided and the information provided here in this site, test on demo and back test it. Practice it on demo for 6 months (if you are a new trader), unlimited demo accounts are available for live account holders at I G Index. Practice until you are not making mistakes on demo account.  for at least 1 month mistake free trading.Read trading psychology and how the mind behaves in trading.


Trading strategies can be unprofitable for a period of time, please understand this concept.




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Traders have to follow above site in first post.




Index trading is easy and contradicts what this video below suggest.Most gurus in trading are non traders, they know nothing about real trading.They talk nonsense!




Index trading is very difficult.  Indices move very fast and a winning position can turn into a big losing one in just an hour or two.  that's part of that attraction - obviously because its an index there are a lot of stocks that make up an index. An index is giving you a measure of sentiment in the market. A company can go to zero but that's unlikely to happen to an index.








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NIce educational videos on dax. Please back test whatever strategy you trade.


I trade options on dax as per this strategy.











Momentum trading of the DAX 30, using stochastic indicators to trade effectively


  Trading the DAX 30




How To Start Trading The Dax (Simple System or Strategy)



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You have included the word 'profitable' in the title while offering no statistical analysis to back the claim. Clearly spurious.

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I find them profitable, it does not mean others will have same level of skill as me, others may fail and lose money.In your case you screwed up, trying to short indices and I went long.Here are the results 60 % on original investment in two weeks.





casey wplonku.jpgretacement.jpg




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Watching you for 2 years I know there is no skill, just 'system hopping', nothing you do lasts for more than a few months. You cannot produce 'evidence' this is 'profitable' amend the title immediately.

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I have not hopped from system to system, I have just added and improved the variations and repertoire of systems

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You have been going around in circles for the last 2 years on this forum 'system hopping', claiming to be a total success while always being disingenuous to all other posters. And it turns out that over the last 2 years you have amassed an account totalling a 'self confessed' £1000  while claiming 20 - 30 % profit a week.


Do you perhaps see that some might find this incongruous?

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'There is evidence on the site showing indices trading can profitable'

You could just look at hedge funds and investment institutions which are profitable via indices trading. With regards to the site there are only 2 weeks of a trading journal which is not long enough to say there is evidence of profitable trading.

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There are some back tests going back to 2009  on the link.It is profitable provided, you can apply the right strategy.


I have been trading this strategy for almost a year, I know it is profitable.I just buy supports on indices.


If you go to this link



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If you have back tested it then why do you start with an account of £1000 and not £10,000?


Have you had a recent buy at support trade? Recently you've mentioned a retracement trade which didn't work out. Have you also back tested the retracement trade and is it also profitable in the long run.


I don't understand why you traded a different set up if you know buying at support is profitable.

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a)most back testing is useless, because of psychology.An understanding of trading psychology is required, to know why most back testing is useless. Back testing does not always cover everything , about the trader and his own mindset.I had to approach this trading with caution, using a small account and increase the account, if all is OK.I am hoping to go to a £50 k account soon.


This subject is huge, to learn more 


Most back testing is useless





b)I don't need to  back test trend retrace strategy on the indices,  a look at weekly charts  will show how retraces eventually rebounds from the retraces or dips. I look at losing trades as part of a series of option trades entries, if one fails it is the profitable ones that matter.Just allow   1,000 ticks draw down  may happen in a bear market.It is all about taking risk


c)Buying at supports is not always profitable, sometimes I miss the support trades, in which case I will use trend based entry.



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Casey"You have included the word 'profitable' in the title while offering no statistical analysis to back the claim. Clearly spurious".



Last week I  started trading stupid forex, it lost me 20%  whereas  indices made 40 %, so net profit was 20 %.I have now stopped trading forex.From my own experience and huge experience, I  have always found indices trading profitable.If it is profitable for me, it is profitable.




How many years should I show profitable results for, before I can call it profitable?I suggest your people at trade city provide audited certified accounts for proving forex is profitable, in the meantime I will claim it as profitable.





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    • I want to believe that, even if we had viruses for many years and we lived with them like nothing happened, this one is killing more people than it should. At least is what reports are saying. That is why countries are forcing lock-downs. Think about that a lock-down is going to extend the furlough policies all over the world again. I don't think a government want to pay that money out to citizens if they don't have to, and companies are going to have to close business for good if we have a second lock-down everywhere. I agree with the statement that we had many corona-viruses before i.e. common flu, but why now governments are taking these draconian measures to force people into a quarantine? If we had the same dangerous viruses always around why are they now locking people at their homes. Did they not care about people before? I think the virus is way more deadly than they tell us and that is why people are not really that scared of it. If we had all the information that is available to professionals we would be really scared and people would lock themselves without waiting any government to tell them. My wife is Chinese and I get their news first hand. They are not reporting what is really happening since the very beginning and it is really hard to trust the Chinese government  on anything related to this virus. They still have the problem there, they keep locking entire cities down for short periods the minute they see anything. It is not reported here in the news but every week they lock people down at their homes.  This virus is really nasty and if locking people down is going to stop it, let's do it. 
    • I agree with 99% of this - the current strain is virtually exact to a strain found in 2012 by a group of Chinese scientists, then when 6 of them died from exposure the virus was sealed and sent to Wuhan I challenged David Icke  to prove the excess deaths were'nt excess deaths, from the info I looked into I'm satisfied the virus is genuine and I'm probably one of the worlds biggest sceptics  From a lock down point of view I'd of thought the perfect place to test out compliance of mass herds would be the USA - hasn't happened strongly enough for me to be concerned but it shown those that could create such circumstances how compliment most people are.  
    • Corona virus has been with us since forever we just never mass tested before. There are no extra deaths this year than any other and it's the same unfortunate types who die of corona virus every year (over 80's with pre-existing conditions 90% of cases). Corona virus is always circulating in the population most people being completely unaware and asymptomatic, herd immunity is built and the virus mutates or dies out. Tests just show you have been exposed to the virus at some stage which could have been months ago and you were most likely asymptomatic. Vaccines don't work for corona virus because they mutate very quickly which is why there is no vaccine for the common cold (a corona virus). And why flu shots don't work very often because they are based on the previous years dominant strain not the current year's (the mass manufacturing would be too late). Covid 19 has already been mutating and the last studies I saw several weeks ago confirmed that as usual a particularly nasty strain becomes less deadly with each new mutation. Another 30,000 people will die next year from respiratory infections as it's the 5 year rolling average (covid 19 or not), weather it'll be covid 19 next year or another strain no one knows but they will keep the covid ball rolling anyway. So all in all it looks like lockdown til the end of time.