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Using options on fx trading profit

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Options help traders benefit from the movement of market price.


Market timing is difficult

When you see a trading opportunity, the price may not go to your direction, for the next week or immediately .For cash traders, they keep a stop loss which can get taken out.Options allow you to hold your positions for weeks and months, without a stop loss.The cost of the options is deducted from profits, if trade fails you lose the cost of the options.


What Happens When You Try to Time the Market?


I can show you hundreds of examples why market timing screws up trades.




I have seen an opportunity on eur usd .I have purchased the 11900 put expiring on the 19 th January.I have 10 days to be right , if price ends up higher I will lose.Options can reduce short term psychological handicap of the human mind in trading.


In my previous opportunity, My position was taken out twice, now the price has broken down.Trading without an option has resulted in losses, if I had bought an option, it is possible I might be  in profit on that opportunity.


Here is the previous opportunity




Professional Currency trading system





euro usd options.jpgeur usd opt.jpg


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I am independent trader .


Here is benefit of options , if price goes against , I know my risk.Here in the image, the big bar would have knocked my stops.


Successful traders manage risk, you can control how much you can lose.


Professionals manage risk

Professionals focus on limiting risk and protecting their capital. Amateurs focus on how much money they can make.





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would be great if IG could do a webinar explaining options , or have they done one already. I like the idea of using them

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options trading helps psychologically


Patience the most important skill is aided by options.





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In the following thread , posts 1 to 11 shows a trade, with a stop loss getting taken out on the initial trade.I later buy an option to get back into the trade.


If I bought an option, as a stop to start with, my initial position would not have been taken out.





call option fx.jpg

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my trade was good, the price action was good, but it still broke down.It was going higher I could read from price action.


eur usd.jpg



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