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New customer, already tired of poor service

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Opened a new account October 2017. Send an initial e-mail about transfers that takes 2 weeks to get a reply (after complain on forum).


IG confirms receipt of transfer request in November, that then goes dead. Current broker says they have got no request. An e-mail to query this never got a reply.


I have contacted live chat a number of times and have always been told transfers will get back to me, well they never have despite multiple attempts from me to get an answer.


My other broker has again recently confirmed that they have received no transfer requests and as I result I have now incurred some fees. Fees that could have been avoided if they had received the transfer request by the end of December that I sent to IG in plenty of time.


In my last live chat I said I would check with the other broker in Jan and if they have not been given the request I would ask them to refuse and then I would leave IG, I do not appear to have been taken seriously.


So after this, it is a case of "Hello IG!, Goodbye IG!"

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Happened to me too! Loving the diverse choice of markets to trade and the options for instantaneous credit card deposit.


I'm about to lose faith with IG of putting my money in here. 


Have others experienced the same? Would I encounter similar problems when withdrawing my funds, with such level of customer service?

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 Thanks. I assumed you have been with IG for long. That's slightly comforting. 


I've tried Live Chat, Document Upload, Sending Document via email, Direct Message IG Twitter, to no avail in getting even the slightest response. Only response I got was from Live Chat which they said they're looking into it. 


Haven't tried phone service - as I'm dialing international calls. Super expensive from my country.

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Sorry to say i'm a new customer and have run foul of IG not trying to help in any way, when I called them for help, they responded by closing my account while I was talking to them on the phone. so now I can't buy or sell my shares and IG offering no solution.

What do I do now.

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