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Guest oilfxpro

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Guest oilfxpro

I am looking for consistently profitable fx trading system.Does anyone know any?


I can search the internet and forex factory, but I am suspicious if there is any profitably system.There are 2700 free systems on forex factory,yet 95% lose on forex. So why is there not 1 profitable system, on forex factory, that every one can use?They keep inventing new systems, the number of systems keeps increasing, it is insanity doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.I suspect  it suits forex factory very well, in having losing traders remain on the forums, moving from system to system, they keep clicking advertising impressions so the forum owners keep making money.


I only find systems on forex work, when fundamental price drivers are present.This is my experience.I am looking to pay after free trial for consistently profitable fx trading system.Does anyone know any or where  I can buy one?

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Guest oilfxpro

Doesn't anyone want to have a discussion to sell their system to me?:smileylol:


There is a free advanced  professional trading system for forex, oil and indices trading here:


Mod edit: removed link based on private message sent earlier]



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Guest oilfxpro

Get to the point !Let us have a discussion on your trading systems, this was a thread about trading systems.


Do you have any evidence?I have always use my own systems.

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Guest oilfxpro

I have not flamed anyone here for selling systems.Can you try and sell me a profitable system for forex?We can therefore see , if there are any consistently profitable systems for forex.If there  were , people would be selling them?



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Depends on what you mean by 'sell', to convince, or to take money for? You certainly flame people for posting TA because you do not consider that to be a 'system' as such and you are only interested in systems that remove as much discretion as possible because, as you have told us, you find the psychological aspect of decision making difficult. That may be true for you but many others would rather base their strategy on the prevailing market conditions and because we know there is no such thing as a system that can work in any market.


Is this thread just another baiting exercise? 


"Doesn't anyone want to have a discussion to sell their system to me?Smiley LOL" (oilpro)


Are you just looking for someone to 'flame'?

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Guest oilfxpro

oil  fx  pro 


oil pro 

fx pro 


retired from fx and oil 


now dow dax indices trader


The only consistently profitable in forex is one that uses expected rises or falls in interest rates, your own t/a systems without these fundamentals are not consistent, that is why you hop from system to system.you been system hoping ,so you can teach everybody about system hoping.


Any trend breakout system is consistently profitable, if applied with interest rates expectation changes.


interest rates  fx 2.jpginterest rates on fx.jpg



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No one could be considered a 'pro' when working with a (self confessed) £1000 account. Your extensive history on the T2W forum, first as 'oilfxpro' til banned then under a new incarnation as 'foroom lluzuers', suggests you have been searching for the 'golden fleece' for a decade when instead you should have spent the time learning how to trade. 


Someone calls you out so you, as in the playground, just refute and reverse the call. I remember having this argument with you back in early 2016. I use levels (including MA's) to trade discretionary, you are searching for a bot, EA, system. I said it can't exist. So far not proven wrong.

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Guest oilfxpro

incarnation as 'foroom lluzuers',     I am not forum lluzers


I am oilfxpro, why would a profitable professional trader like me  go to  a private forum , forums which require failures to buy education from owner's stooges, a profitable professional trader gives away free systems,It is the trader who has the edge i.e the mental edge  /mental skills  , not the system.


You fink they can ban a member once or twice, most have at least half a dozen forum names, then they appear back on forums as bank trader, quaint, fx professor, george Soros II , warren buffet ...so they could impress noobs and sell them a course at trade city.


A pro is a pro, account size does not matter, old age pensioner is still a pro if he only has  £1,000 risk.


In your case you think a bounce off an MA  is an accurate the level of supply demand, it can't work .That is why you hopped from system to system and to did day are still looking for a system.Every trend trading system works on forex , if there are expected interest rate changes.In your case , it is insanity, trying to get a profit from a ma touch , this is believing in a gold map relying on a touch of a river  water with anticipated gold.Touching water in gold hunt does not mean finding gold , so mas touches do not produce golden nugget finds.


If you knew how to trade, you would not have learnt system hopping to teach others about system hopping, especially as any trend following system will work, with interest rates expectation changes.





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Yes, as your 'foroom lluzers' profile on T2W shows. And no I don't think a bounce off MA is conclusive. But my posts from early 2016 show I don't system hop. But while I have been developing a system you have been roaming the world (forums) searching for the 'golden fleece' and surprisingly have still not found it.


Confluence between,  time frames, fibs, s&r, ma's, trend and channel lines do matter. Not a 'system' that is designed to take the decision making and psychology out of trading because trading is psychology so use the tools the successful are using. 

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Guest oilfxpro

forum lluzers is forroom luzzers , he may be on tradecity  or any other private forum, under different names on private forums, trying to learn from blind leading the blind .


I am worshiper  foroom  lluzzers , so I copy his trading.He was giving away profitable systems, which most  internet marketers sell on forums.

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The give away is the punctuation, oilfxpro on t2w, foroom on t2w (after being banned as oilfxpro) and oilpro on this forum. You were the one who told us about two other people but their posts all have a common punctuation flaw.  At the end of a sentence there is a gap, then the full stop, then no gap to start the next sentence .Like so  It is such a repetitive idiosyncrasy it is unmistakable. Of course the language, grammer, flamming, memes and gifs being identical is a bit of a give away as well.



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Guest oilfxpro

If you are going to worship someone, might as well copy the entire traits of lluzers. He was also trading a consistently profitable system  on trade2win, until the regular lluzers started a thread on banning a profitable trader.BTW I was never banned from I G  forum.


Now we why you were scared of  engaging in this discussion about consistently profitable strategies.All your theories would be annihilated.

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Guest oilfxpro

Were you banned from the T2W forum for persistently 'flaming' other posters as some have said or was it really because you were just calling out those who constantly post 'profitable' and 'professional' systems as being scammers as you claimed at the time?  




They don't have any constantly profitable system on forums, there you have the blind leading the blind.The only one who had constantly profitable systems was forrom lluzers. His apparition  was just sing in their mirrors, every time he posted , the ghost was singing forum lluzers.

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You are right to add 'constantly' to the profitable trading systems sentence. In fact all trading systems work, someone has spent hours building a system to fit a market and have posted it and signed it and is proud of it. Someone else is looking for a rigid system to cut down decision making, they take their market in one hand and look for a system to fit it, eventually they find one, great. But one day, tomorrow or next month that market is going to turn a corner while the rigid system is going to go straight on and crash.


The bot builders can either build for momentum following or range following but not both which is why no system is, and never can be, 'constantly profitable'.

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