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Benefits of options set and forget strategies

Guest oilfxpro

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Guest oilfxpro

I mainly use set and forget option  strategies using I G options on forex , indices and oil.Last two weeks I made 331 ticks profit.Professional traders aim for 25 ticks a week average, so I am pleased.




I think I am qualified to talk about the road to profitable trading.My trading changed when I started set and forget strategies, using daily and weekly options.I can simply buy the options, set the profit target with a cash trade, and walk away from the screen.It bypassed all the psychological handicaps of the human mind.The main problem, in my view, is trading psychology.


I have been working on set and forget strategies for years.Anyone can devise profitable strategies, if they know how.A little improvement on the strategy below can make it profitable, I know how, just wait patiently until I have time.


DAX WEEKLY OPTIONS SET AND FORGET STRATEGY https://community.ig.com/t5/Indices-and-Macro-Events/DAX-WEEKLY-OPTIONS-SET-AND-FORGET-STRATEGY/m-p/18914#M1873


By using options traders can eliminate the problems with stops getting hit etc.


The pros and cons of set-and-forget strategies for online traders Read more: http://www.afr.com/brand/special_reports/online_trading/the-pros-and-cons-of-setandforget-strategies-for-online-traders-20150213-13e5ft#ixzz54CxZQjGu Follow us: @FinancialReview on Twitter | financialreview on Facebook


Set and Forget Forex Trading – Keep Your Day Job


In the strategy in this link, I had a lot psychological issues with the trade breaking down, if I had employed a set and forget option trade, trading would be easier and more profitable.





Trading psychology is 95 % handicap

I spent many years studying trading psychology.

The evidence is there on forexfactory, there are simple free profitable methods ,2700 systems and techniques , yet 95% fail and disappear.If traders don’t understand the mind ,how it works subconsciously in trading , the traders can not have any plans for the 90% risk of under performance due to psychology.It is with the mind where traders lose in trading due to emotions ,stress , need to be right , subconscious emotional executions ,mind traps , automatic mind in trading , beliefs in trading , subconscious errors , brain command center shutdown during trading , brain freezing in trade executions ,the power the thought , negative wiring of human brain and it’s performance in trading ,meditation , unreality reading of the real market conditions,cognitive biases in trading decisions , mental traps , revenge trading,overconfidence, lack of confidence, benefits of patience and disadvantages of impatient traders , impassivity , self sabotage in trading executions , stress responses , amygdala hijackings ,personality , ego and other psyche characteristics.









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Guest oilfxpro

Here are examples of set and forget strategies using options.


Read more here:

 Dow trend Your best friend




Eur Usd weekly trade comments




Selling dax with weekly options put spread




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Guest oilfxpro

I  make profit with set and forget strategies, I  lose on cash trading, that is how brains are designed.I have made more workable set and forget strategies, than you will ever find on internet forums  or internet. Most of the cash strategies , that set and forget , are not workable.


Most strategies can be made into option set and forget strategy, provided they are not scalping, the instrument has to be very volatile to make money. 


I am doing well with options "set and forget strategies", as I explained in this separate thread.The option spreads and using options makes money, but I  give it all back on cash indices and forex. Yesterday I got chopped out on Dow with tight stops, on FX  all week I got chopped out on tight stops, something that you teach is tight stops.


Here are  other option set and forget strategies that  I use .












I occasionally use long weekly calls at supports or trend lines  on 4 hour charts  in the strategy below










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Guest oilfxpro

Here is my charts from now


I don't mess around on oil or fx any more, I  will not use tick charts from next week.Set and forget makes money for me.



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Guest oilfxpro

My set and forget strategies are making money. I was losing oon cash and FX trading.





Learn more free education


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Last 4 weeks the profit was 508.99 ticks , if I had not traded fx  cash and indices cash where I lost all my profits , the ticks profit would be almost 150 ticks a week only from indices set and forget strategies.

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Guest oilfxpro

Today's set and forget trades.


Risk 60 ticks , I am psychologically ready for a loss of 60.Mental preparation of a loss is important.


trade 31 1.jpgSET AND FORGET 31 1.jpg





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Guest trader_1974



Can I trade future and options of indices like FTSE, S&P and future and options of stocks like BP, Barclays as well as future and options of forex pairs through IG? Also any idea about minimum amount that I require to take a position for example to buy a FTSE contract at todays/31-Jan-2018 price i.e. £7471 and also to buy a call option of say £7500. Also whats the amount I have to keep if I trader a future and also buy an in the money option of EUR/USD?
Also can all the trades of both future and options be done online or I have to ring customer service?

Many thanks,


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Can I trade future and options of indices like FTSE, S&P and future and options of stocks like BP, Barclays as well as future and options of forex pairs through IG? Also any idea about minimum amount that I require to take a position for example to buy a FTSE contract at todays/31-Jan-2018 price i.e. £7471 and also to buy a call option of say £7500. Also whats the amount I have to keep if I trader a future and also buy an in the money option of EUR/USD?

Also can all the trades of both future and options be done online or I have to ring customer service?

So you can trade all options, bar individual stocks, on the classic dealing platform. You will need to phone deal for an individual stock, however once booked to your account you'll be able to seeing running P&L on your desktop or mobile. 


If you buy a call and the future there will note be an offset. To get an exact quote in real time (as these things are variable on the delta) please give one of our dealers a call and they can walk you though the calculation.

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