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DAX example of Bollinger Bands and channel


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Guest oilfxpro



Can you also please post your trade entry.This will help a lot.Are those circles your entries?i think you are posting entries in your circles?


Well done!Good job.I would like to know ,if you are just testing or putting real money on this.:smileylol:





There are other  journal writers  singing about technical set ups after the event , they don't  give a taste of any live trades called in advance ,proof is always in the pudding .They all hide their losses , if these trades are losers.They post hindsight set ups and results  , after the event .There is no evidence it can be traded  for consistent profit by another person .The method to generate real trading profit is nonexistent and  is not disclosed.They only sing about technical set ups, they never post proof of success or live trades in progress. All this is similar to dumb singing, and without any proof of pudding/profitable trading is useless.Just singing does not make money .

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Guest oilfxpro

If you do three other charts at the same time, the results are likely to better .One chart for dow, dax,nasdaq and ftse. Also use eur/usd correlation, if euro is strong it is not good for dax.

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