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IG Community forum structure idea

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Hi James


The crypto and forex should be separate sections, possibly with subsections for technical analysis, systems and methods, general analysis without trade set ups.Information should be easy to find.


Same applies to Indices with subsections for technical analysis, systems and methods, general analysis without trade set ups.


The trading strategy section needs separate sections, to enable users to seek information easily.


Only pointing this out .





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Hi  - thanks for the proposed ideas. I will certainly look into separating crypto given how popular it has been over the last few months, however this will probably take a couple of weeks to implement. I shall also look at the other points going forwards. Thanks for the suggestions on how to make the community better! 


If anyone else has any idea please let me know in the comments section below. 

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Hi James


I have created a sketch site to give you an idea for changes.The menus at the top relate to 

1)trading systems method

2)technical analysis

3)Fundamental analysis


5)Ig academy

6)Weekly analysis

7)option trading

8)risk and money management




The menus in the middle relate to indices trading, there should be separate sections for forex, options, crypto, stocks, commodities and investments etc. If you look at indices menu , it is so clear and sticky.Some of these trading related sections don't require solutions and accept.Solutions and accept is for I G clients who have I G related query.


Traders are less likely to bother with trade ideas, this is due to uncertainty of performance in the future and lack of track records of idea providers.Trade ideas are less likely to generate profits for traders and IG in spread income, but give traders profitable systems , they are more likely to trade them , make profit and provide I G with consistent spread income.


Here is the sketch site.





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Hi james 



Can you allow IG forum site to upload excel sheets.The only place to upload excel is to free wordpress sites.You consider this as spam, therefore this forum should be providing excel upload facilities.



Here are excel sheets with all the losses for this week and trades, excel with all trades here.


[Mod Edit: Spam link]


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Hi James 


You need to give a separate section to PIA signals .This is a commercial enterprise in a forum for traders, where other traders are discussing their trades. It is not a forum to show  signals to generate  trading volume for I G.


Have it where the weekly signals are  posted on I G , I do visit them.

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Totally disagree, this is a welcome addition to the forum, more personal and with deeper explanation of the thought process involved than the signals service alone can provide. 


Once again oilypro gets off on telling everyone what they need and what they should be doing.

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Professional signals is subjective , professionals make money from trading (that is their profession) not from selling signals , technical anylysis and paid running educational sites. Most likely amateurs "those who can do, those who can't teach or sell road maps of the trading gold".

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There is problem both for the image of the forum, one that I G uses it's forum to market it's products, which is not  true. The second issue is the signals are going to influence many members into trading these, as a result I G  may get more income from spreads.


Thoughts become reality, any thoughts they present will become reality.I saw some of their signals , they need improving .

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No doubt some will get upset by the disruption to their long held view that everyone else is always wrong. I welcome the input  especially when it comes from someone with twice the experience and 10 times the education than that of the pretend professionals who would prefer a clear run at suckering the unsuspecting and not having their stall undermined by well thought out and demonstrably better contrary analysis.

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Hi all. Thanks for the recommendation on which posts should / shouldn't be included in the general day to day postings. After an internal conversation I think for now we will not be taking any action, however sentiment has been noted. 


I believe that if other Community members are happy with it, along with the fact that each post is clearly noted as being a PIA post, doesn't promote or link to an external site and doesn't breach our terms of service or community guidelines, then it's ok. I hope it induces trade discussion ideas among members, educates from a TA perspective, and also increases awareness of a part of the IG platform. 

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The crypto and forex should be separate sections, possibly with subsections for technical analysis, systems and methods, general analysis without trade set ups.Information should be easy to find. 

Hi  (and  in a separate post) - crypto has now be moved out from regular FX. I won't be sub categorising these message boards until there is significantly more interaction. Let me know if you can see any posts I have missed on my manual process. 



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