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Trade analysis and Fractal optimisation for profits in ProRealTime (retrospective account of trades)

Guest Philstrading

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Guest Philstrading

Hi guys. 

Here are 2 trades I followed, this is a retrospective account, I will look to record some trades with the follow through live, and post accordingly.

The aim of this post is to look at optimisation of trading and some benefits of ProRealtime that facilitate this.

Here is my perspective on how to get the most out of using ProRealTime and optimising profits with strategy. Essentially it involves active trading, but hopefully it will click that the charts are fractal in nature, meaning that the patterns for strategy can be found on any timeframe right down to ticks and volumes. Here I am looking at 2 recent trades I failed to implement due to the fact that I'm working night shifts as a nurse and was too beat and fell asleep on one, and was too clouded from fatigue with the other, but I chose these as it highlights not only a profitable way to use the charting packages if actively trading, but highlights the need for a work/life balance, also chose these two as they are quite current. today and yesterday (17/18 Jan 2018). Hopefully you will benefit from the insights and make the following years a more profitable one!!


Happy Trading!



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