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Long dax with call options


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Dax German 30 can shoot higher , the trend may continue.I have take this long position, encase dax breakout  into a trend happens today.I bought daily 13480 call for 6.2 , so my risk is limited to 6.2 ticks.If price closes at 1.3600 , my reward is 120 ticks - option cost of 6.2.The trade goes into profit above 13486.2, if it expires above this level I am in profit otherwise I will lose 6.2 ticks by 4.30 p m today.


My regular profit target is 20 to 30 ticks, this gives me consistent profit.


If you follow this trade , make sure you understand risk of loss of 6.2 tick.This trade is not advise to trade dax options.

dax breakout.jpg



call options dax.jpg

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