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Looking to the future can only be about possibilities and maybe probabilities but if playing a range or an asymmetric range why wait for the move to be half over. Already a bit late for that play but useful to know the triangle is significant.


There is also the possibility of Ron William's view that if the triangle bottom breaks then the target is 3000. (Taken from the vid linked in the latest post on TA and market cycles in the TA tread).





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Ah, you need to watch the whole video (only 20 min) as he uses this chart to demonstrate how to put all the component parts of TA and market cycles he discusses together for the big picture.


So IF support breaks, price is below the 200 day MA, there would also be a break of the first standard deviation and the market cycle shows that within the bearish move since the start of the year there are distinct bearish/bullish phases. From the chart the bearish phases are roughly twice as long as the bullish and the current bearish phase looks like it has some way to go.








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Actualy just wanted that video again. It’s really good. I’ve never really been one for TA as a whole and just running the whole strategy on it, more use as a potential entry point and where to slightly trim positions going into and out of a trade.


But this seems different. I like the explanation about the 20 / 50 / 200 MA and never really thought about it in the way of it representing 4 weeks worth of trading days, a quarter, almost a years worth (there are about 220 trading days in a year right?).


I think this is what I need more of to get behind TA. The WHY each indicator should work, rather than the HOW to use. How must be intuitive once people know the why…



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I think so too which is why I post links to articles that explain how different indicators work, knowing that gives a better understanding of their possibilities and limitations. Every indicator has it's limitations so each needs to be applied appropriately.


In the beginning most assume an indicator will just generate signals but that is exactly what they can't do. An indicator can shine a light on a particular aspect of a market and help make an informed decision as to future probabilities.

Most are based on OHLC of a number of time period bars or candles, the candles are the foot prints on the chart of the market movers so only candles generate signals.


The best way for us to make money is to spot a move by the market movers early on and get in quick, TA and indicators are there to give forewarning and indicate where to look for that signal. 



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    • I think most professional traders have that methodology and mindset its what sets us apart from the rest I don't look at the VIX, as with cycles for you, the VIX isn't of interest to me, done perfectly well without the need for it so far and that won't change going forward  
    • Ultimately what ever happens regarding " cycles" will be of no help to me . I am my own trader    Re volatility , its my niche , My models pick up most swings high and low .  My methods are recactive not so much predictive .   Its doesnt matter where it goes as long as it goes  .  1 year predictions are just a little fun with no weight in my profitability . Most years are up so just on that you should be bullish year on year and you will be right more times than not  .  I dont care if i am right or wrong . I left my ego behind a while back  .  Vix hasnt been around long enough to have a handle on its efficacy but i have done studies on realised volatility back multi decades and i put some credence in my conclusion  , but once again it will have zero influence on my returns unlike most  . We know there are no absolutes in this game , just probabilities and possibilities , define the former and manage the latter and it takes care of itself   ..  rock on   Wise words 
    • Can anyone help me understand why i am not seeing any market depth data for some shares? For example, the pic below is what i see for SThree plc (STEM) in my share dealing / isa account. I am seeing market depth for other shares, so it is just a case that there is no market in this share? I find this a bit strange given that it is listed on the main market. Is it some sort of bug in the trading platform?
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