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BUY STRADDLE EVERY MONDAY 8 AM.Put limit order and set and forget until options expiry  on friday or  closing day.



Using various betting sequences  , and taking profits  sequences , the following results were obtained on   rough back tests.The strategy is still in development. 


The following results were obtained , using £100k account


I am looking for hisrical  option prices for straddle  traded on monday am or tuesday am , on receipt I willl be able to post more



I have actually found that by trading long  calls  only,  I  can get better profit .read more 





accurate resultsIG.jpg

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Interesting, where is your end target for the move at?


I currently have a position on 250 point credit from the 23 Mar turn ar B/E stop preotection but I think I'll hold that for the medium term (or at least until I see a bit more clarity on the move).  Got another 100 points from 9am this morning (2 positions) and mulling a split bet approach such that I would cash 1 and hold the other at B/E.  I think there is a bit more to go on this move before the US market begins to come alive and may provide a bit of a rally before another more significant drop.


What is your analysis telling you on the Dax?

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Hi  Mercury


This is a set and forget strategy  , place limit orders on monday  on cash  , after buying straddle   and keep taking profits on the straddle  with cash limit orders , and run cash orders if filled for 300 pips  or expiry.


i  do no try and guess direction on this strategy

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When you run your profits on dax , it can move 300 pips in a day  , and it does it frequently  , that is when you make money.If you are patient , these profits will come  , and I got 3 more days  plus nfp


I like to run my profits  , when I catch the right side of dax


Most traders can not run their profits  or cut their profits  and underperform



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Hi oilfxpro 


I will have to re-read this thread, but just jumping in on the last few posts - what do you mean when you say you make "pips" with the DAX or your option premiums? 


To me, pips are for FX and are 1/1000's.  Indexes, or other commodities use points, which are normally 1/100 or 1 cent say, or 1point on an index (multiplied by the dollar value per point of the index to get a cash equivalent).


300 pips on the DAX is not the same as 300 points then - which is why I ask.

And 300 pips for an option price (whatever that might be - 30cents?) is not the same as $3.00.


Yet seems like you are profitable whichever metric you are using.  Keep it up.  And thanks if you can clarify this small question. 


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i had  9950 straddle  long , I  have now locked away 96 pips  from  92 pips   premium left .My net profit is only 4 pips  so far with 3 days remaining and nfp 


I still have 10050  weekly call  long


THE BENEFITS OF SET AND FORGET STRAEGIES (This is not a link to buy education)




set and forget mechanical strategies can  eliminate  indicators , t/a , phsychology , execution and other issues  , these are  the oneswhere traders fail  

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Hi  this is a really interesting idea.  May I just clarify.  I'm takling this to be a Long Straddle.

Would you Buy a Call & Buy a Put on the contract closest to the current level of the Index.  so right now the index is at 10304 so perhaps choose the 10300 Call and Put.  You pay premium on both and are in profit providing the index moves in either direction by enough to cover the cost of the two premiums paid - which by your trading experience/analysis it does. 

Thanks C

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Hi  Condor


I usually use cash   to lock away option profits   , rather than close option trades 


xample my straddle is making 100 pips  on the long  , I go short cash  100 pips higher.

A straddle is  at the money




It does not always cover the premium a,if volatility is low, these are losing weeks    , but when you get your winning weeks  , I run them  for  300 to to 500pips   (i failed this week on first trade , because I had other positions long)

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Thanks  that makes sense (Long Straddle) .  So you watch progress during the week and if it moves as per your example..


'my straddle is making 100 pips  on the long  , I go short cash  100 pips higher.'......  i.e. The Buy of the Call (the index has gone up by 100 pips) ..... you [go short cash 100  pips higher] .... sorry don't quite get that...would you mind expanding that part ...  ( I get the idea you are locking in the profit ?)





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I buy  9950  calls and puts  for 180, at begining of week

price goes to 9800  or within 10 pips , 9810  long cash dax , target 300 pips profit 


price goes to   10050  , short cash  to lock away profit on call  ,  target 300 pips profit  on cash short  ,let option expire


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You need to back test your strategy for at least 2 years , whatever variations you use


I am using   4 strategies around  the weekly options , straddles  , straddles+ cash , strangle for breakouts  ,strangles/cash  for counter trades , so FOLLOWING ME WOULD GET  CONFUSING.


I back tested allmy strategies on excelfor 2 years

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i had  9950 straddle  long , I  have now locked away 96 pips  from  92 pips   premium left .My net profit is only 4 pips  so far with 3 days remaining and nfp 


I still have 10050  weekly call  long


I decided to take 64 puips       profit on cash short  , this was not written in system (market  is biased  long ,  )    , this leaves me with   32 ticks risk on the table , with the 9950 straddle in place.There  are many phsychological reasons  why traders  can not follow systems to the rule




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    • I would love to know how you go. My understanding is that we are not allowed to buy directly. I saw that ETF on their exchange but I saw one mention of an index tracker somewhere but i cant find it. I saw that the brokerage in and out if we buy directly is more than 4%. It's a lot. Also, one of their big stocks just got suspended. It's high risk but it seems to be doing well. Exhange rates are going to be a bit of a risk too.
    • Anchoring bias What is anchoring bias in trading? Anchoring bias is the tendency for traders to allow an initial piece of information to have a disproportionate influence on future decisions, regardless of its relevance. For example, research by Kaustia, Alho and Puttonen showed that individual's estimates of stock returns were significantly influenced by the starting value they were given – the 'anchor'. When participants were given a high historical stock return they were more likely to estimate that the future return would also be high, while a group given a lower initial value had far lower estimates. Anchoring bias can have dangerous consequences in trading, as it might mean that a trader holds on to an asset far longer than they should do, or that they make an inaccurate assessment of an asset's worth based on the anchor value. How can traders prevent anchoring bias? The best way to prevent anchoring bias in trading is by performing comprehensive research and analysis of the market to identify your own anchor. IG's study showed that only 28% of traders and investors used personal experience as a source of information. But by doing your own analysis of macroeconomic trends and historical data, you will be better placed to identify key support and resistance levels. It is important to have confidence in your own plan before you look at someone else's estimates – whether this is an analyst or fellow trader. Things to keep in mind...
    • Guest Zaba
      Currently 2 platforms i am aware of. C-Trade https://ctrade.co.zw/ ZSE Direct https://zsedirect.co.zw/ I havent used ZSE yet, but i have set-up an account with C-Trade. It was pretty simple, but the platform is not great. You will need a Zim bank account to deposit funds. I have not started trading yet, but will do in the next couple of days. Happy to update you on my progress. In relation to index tracking. There is an Old Mutual ZSE Top-10 ETF that started trading earlier this year.  Hope this helps.
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