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Ether - Under the radar but prices are rising

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Ether is really struggling to move above $200 but it seems to have performed better than some of the other well established alt coins on IG apart from EOS. 

If it can break $200 then I can see it having a real go at its 100 DMA which is around the $228 price area. This will take out all of the 20, 50, 100 and 200 DMA's. $203 will see it take out its 20, 50 and 200 DMA's. 


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Ether is up over 5% at the time of writing this post but the chart for Ether looks more enticing to me than say Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. 

If Ether can surpass $233.00 then I think it could begin to get very interesting. It is hard to value Ether at the moment. I mean it is hard to value Cryptocurrencies full stop. Ether looks exciting with the current price action. 


The price for Ether has surpassed its 20, 50, and 200 DMA's. It is looking like a stronger possibility than before that it will try and surpass its 100 DMA on the 'daily' that is. The 20 DMA is beginning to slop upwards which is very interesting. 

Keep a close eye on Ether short to medium term as it could present a fantastic trading opportunity. 

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Ether is looking like it wants to breakout and hit $225 today. It is currently trading over 4% up and the chart from a 'daily' perspective is starting to look bullish as below.


It is heading towards some resistance with those two mountain peaks you can see towards the 'left' and if it can surpass those two points then it will be a sign of strength for Ether. Let the battle begin!

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Ether is one of the best performing Crypto's today and is approaching that psychological $200 price level. For me it is going to have to surpass those two mountain peaks which I mentioned in my previous post (above) which is going to be challenging. On the daily this is around the $230 price area. Until it clears that challenging hurdle then one cannot be sure of any serious bullish move in Ether. 

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    • Hey @dmedin, our analysts did a piece on this yesterday you might be interested in.  https://www.ig.com/uk/news-and-trade-ideas/what-will-happen-to-the-premier-oil-share-price-after-the-electi-191210
    • They are expecting a good Christmas and will be opening a new robotic 🤖 warehouse in 2021.  So it looks good for a wee long.  🐮
    • When looking at these markets and the trading behaviour of the average retail trader it seems to me that many don't really understand the market they are trading, there are also psychological factors that influence decision making to the detriment of trading success. If you are not confident in your understanding of the market then you are solely dependent on technical analysis but TA is not a given, it can only play out if assisted by fundamental and macro factors, those factors currently point to bull continuation. So the US major indices are routinely hitting new all time highs, the retail trader thinks they need to sell the high in order to buy back lower (buy low sell high right) so the retail trader (the crowd) are constantly trying to pick the tops (and patting themselves on the back thinking they are being contrarian). The positioning data of IG clients tell us this is exactly what's happening. Every time price goes higher the sell position ratio increases, when price is falling in a down trend the buy position ratios go higher. So clearly this is all wrong, when price is continually rising you need to buy high and sell higher. You buy breakouts or pullbacks, you should not be looking to sell a bull trending market at all. So why do they do it? The market is too high (no it's not), it must be the bears turn (wait and see first), but I need to sell the highs, the saying says so (no, you're not an investor), the chart is looking 'toppy' (just no), the TA is pointing down (doesn't matter without fundy and macro assist). An understand of a market comes with experience, until it does stick with the basics and look for longs in an uptrend, don't try to second guess the market and end up constantly fighting against it.