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transfer of US shares into my IG account

Guest JWT


For weeks now I have been trying to work with both IG and the broker of the company I work for to try and transfer my company stocks (which are US based) into my IG account. IG are set up to automatically reject shares landing in an account apparently. We have agreed TS and SD dates but still it fails. This has been going on since late November/early December. I am not sure what I can do short of finding another broker who can accept my US shares. Its the first time I have ever owned shares after receiving an LTI from my company, but I am really wishing I had selected the option to sell all at the time.


Has anyone else had this experience and make any suggestions?


Many thanks!

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Guest 1980914

I have been having a similar problem activating my US share trading with IG for 2 months now.


I get the run around from Melbourne to London and nobody at IG follows up to see the matter is resolved.


My W-8BEN-E form has been approved but apparently a guy you need a NYSE agreement as well. Once I found this out I sent the NYSE agreement in which I now understand has made its way to London for approval. I am still waiting,


I fully understand the frustration.

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