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3 hours ago, AndrewS said:

So all these greedy institutions with trillions and 95% of the activity are really competing among themselves to cheat me personally out of a few dollars…..

I knew it and now TV has proven it!


That's the best you can do, seriously? 

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11 minutes ago, Bopperz said:

So the European open is done. What now? Sit around till the US opens, because this looks like its going to trade sideways till lunchtime!

Might take the morning off and do something/anything more productive than this!

Lots of opportunities to lose money, way-hey :D

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£/ €  in interesting rally.   I believe its a good level to get short of euros i.e looking to buy £.  

I think its an ABC completing a correction off the o/bought 82 pence level.  It has an impact on FTSE .....in inverse proportion.  

I still fancy FTSE off 6450 level as being C leg of an ABC correction.....

I m buying  £ , FTSE and OIL ...BUT I M CHURNING MY POSITION......Always long these items , but sell out and re-stock......EUR_GBP_20200302_12_24.png.8b2c8af7fd75efbbf91a4ed09699ce00.png


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Closed out my positions this morning, recouped all my losses from going long prematurely last week.  Will see goodness the United States of America brings.  My prediction is that we will be selling the rallies this afternoon, gents and hobbits.  :)


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    • Yeah had fairly tight stop and it was a bit choppy so got knocked out. Uncorrelated methods will work together as you say. 50% levels will work while the trend is still on but when/if that stops so does the method I would imagine and you have to do something different.
    • EUR/USD rallies as GBP/USD and USD/JPY struggle A break higher for EUR/USD contrasts with continued weakness for GBP/USD and USD/JPY. Source: Bloomberg   Forex United States dollar EUR/USD Euro USD/JPY GBP/USD  Chris Beauchamp | Chief Market Analyst, London | Publication date: Thursday 09 December 2021 EUR/USD breaks resistance EUR/USD has succeeded in breaking higher, pushing above trendline resistance yesterday. Gains however have stalled for now at $1.133, as they did at the beginning of the month. Broader upside would require a move above $1.135, but the longer-term downtrend remains in place. Source: ProRealTime GBP/USD continues to struggle Unlike EUR/USD GBP/USD remains under pressure, hit by changing expectations of a UK rate hike and the return to some Covid-19 restrictions. The yawning gap between the price and the 50-day simple moving average (SMA) above $1.35 refuses to close, and so far there looks like no sign of a move to the upside, which would require at least a move back towards $1.33. Source: ProRealTime USD/JPY edges lower Gains with USD/JPY have stalled at ¥113.60, as the price retreats back below the 50-day SMA. This drop will need to move below ¥113.00 to indicate the sellers are back in control. Alternately, the bullish view is revived with a move back above ¥113.80. Source: ProRealTime
    • Slightly misleading as the survey actually asked: "If you had the means and ability to invest your money in an asset, would you be more likely to invest in traditional stocks or cryptocurrencies". The actual figure was 7%, i.e. 7% have sold stocks or bonds to buy crypto (which to mean is surprisingly high): https://civicscience.com/investors-selling-significant-amounts-of-stock-to-buy-cryptocurrency/ What it all means though is more pain ahead when the crytpo bubble/ponzi collapses and all these investors will wish they had left their money in stocks!
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