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The volatility has made me realize that I am definitely better at scalping than position trading.  46 wins out of 47 trades today. I suppose they could be considered staggered entries and exits of swing trades.

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Got the rally in Apple and the INDX s , made a few bob,,...But the sell off last night,,,,disappointment and Fed has fired its last shot has spooked everyone,. TB took off.  But at the moment I m staying out of it,,,,Is a 10% drop in INDX s enough ?    Is this just a temporary base before we re-visit the August lows,,,,,The disruption to 'real life' could be economically disastrous .  I m self employed ( in real life too!)  ........

So is this area of support a real base ???   If real life shuts down in London Paris and NY ....will the markets be so sanguine ????  I do nt know ?

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I m concentrating on £ both aginst $ and €  ,  coming to a head ....Interesting that the market has sold off £ despite the fact that the UK will probably not cut rates...Housing market strength (so far) and PMI s picking up on the Boris bounce.....They re selling £ ( in case ) the talks go badly with EU....but we wo nt know that for months,....and most trades last a week tops.  I m bullish for a £ bounce, but waiting for 8760-90p €  area and $1,27 .     

INDX  s I think we re in for another drop,,,, but I ll wait to see what comes out in the wash.  

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2 hours ago, cheviot said:

The disruption to 'real life' could be economically disastrous .  I m self employed ( in real life too!) 

Not sure if you're in the UK.

But the English voted for the Tories.  So the rich will be very well taken care of.  Everyone else will be left to fend for themselves and fight over scraps.  The Tories are even going to screw over the self-employed (IR35), while they let Amazon, Google etc get away with paying no tax and destroying jobs.  Since England is now 'sovereign' the people can't even get help from Europe.  :D

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2 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

state of California considers declaring a state of emergency.

🤔 Is that really necessary ...

Reminds me of the medieval doctors who wore grotesque masks filled with spices and herbs.  The spices and herbs were quite useless in themselves but the doctors rarely contracted diseases because they believed they were safe ... there's evidence that being scared of something makes you more susceptible to it ... weakens the immune system and so on ... fear is a spiral downwards into depression :(

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I'm thinking that declaring an 'emergency' in this day and age just means the government is reserving powers to 'get stuff done' that it wouldn't otherwise be able to because the ambulance chasers in the law industry would sue them.

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