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DAX buyers wait in the "Blue Zone"

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Note how important that blue zone has been in the past. More recently it has acted as support, so unless there's a rapid push down through it (note there was a rapid push up through it in the past), I would expect it to hold.  Clearly we have the Fed today and NFP on Friday so, anything could happen !                                                             Capture ddaxx.PNG

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Keep an eye on the daily chart which today was trapped between the 38.2 and 50% Fib level and unable to break down through the 13132 so the end of day bar looking like a doji (undecided). FOMC a damp squid, Yellen not willing to stake the rattle on her last FOMC mtg. 

A break up through 13271 or down through 13132 (both in purple) should set the general direction short term so after the break looking for entries on a lesser time frame in that direction.







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Guest oilfxpro

I am losing money on your analysis.I bought  Dax and it fell like a ton.I made money using my own system.


Now I can see why there are no live trades posted.


casey and the clowns.jpgdax casel.jpgdax.jpg



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Guest oilfxpro

where does this cloud appear from?  Water in the river of the trading gold mine does not require clouds in the sky sending gold  to the river , and saying I can only flood on you with water.


Your analysis is posted here.Please reread it, it does not mention clouds, if I am wrong please point it out.Please accept my apology if I am wrong.





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As usual I have no idea what (clouds) you are on, about. 

The levels marked were fine (yesterdays doji range). The push up was a stop run or just a failed breakout, call it what you will but the break below was real enough.


The pullback after the new low stalled at the 23.6 Fib level.





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Guest oilfxpro

Are you captain hindsight?


We can all see these hindsight analysis  ,which Casey is an expert on , and I have proved it with captain hindsight analysis.

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