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Can I top up my account in £ in Australia?


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Hi all,


I am new to this, keen to get into trading some UK stock.


I have had my account for a couple of weeks now but am yet to make my first trade as I have a bit of a conundrum.


I am a British citizen now living in Australia. I have money in the bank in the UK (remaining inheritance left over after using a chunk for a house deposit over here) and this is what I was hoping to trade with, however my account seems to be working in AUD.


Is there any way to avoid having to convert my £ in to $ before trading it in £?


Thanks for reading!



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Hi and welcome to IG (and IG Community)! If you are looking at adding GBP to your account please get in contact via email requesting us to convert your account base currency from AUD to GBP. You would need to email us at helpdesk@ig.com and include your name, date of birth and address (for security) and send from the email you have registered with us. They should be able to do this within a few hours. 


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