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has anyone a Spreadsheet for record keeping

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Hi all, Having just begun spread betting I am looking for a spreadsheet to record my trade metrics.  I use myfxbook for my forex trading and I was wondering if any of the good folks on here might have a spreadsheet that they would share with me to get me started.  I use Van Tharps "R" method and would like to have an expectancy formula etc.  Just wondering does IG provide anything like this?  Many thanks for any help offered......  

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Hi   IG don't provide that I am aware of but you could take a look at these 2 downloads available at;


1/   https://forums.babypips.com/t/free-excel-trading-journal/52738


first post,  Trade JournalV2.xls   (Trade Journal.zip)




2/   http://www.trade2win.com/boards/trading-journals/111146-free-excel-trading-log-template.html


bottom of second post,  Trading log v3.xls



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