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PRT Feature Request - Computed columns




This will add a lot of power to the platform I believe. The ability to define your own columns based on formulas.


Let me give you an example:

Currently, when displaying Lists, you can choose the Bid and the Ask, but you cannot choose to display the spread!? If you were able to define your own column (based on a formula) it would have been very simple to create your own Spread column as the difference between the bid and ask.


Here is another example:

When displaying Open Positions, it is possible to display things such as Gain for the day, latent gain, exposure, % change, latent % change, etc. Problem is, those values are gross profit/loss figures; it does not take into account commissions, overnight costs, borrowing costs, etc. This is probably more applicable to equities, than forex, and other instruments where you trade the spread. With computed columns, it would have been easy to add your own Net Profit percentages and values.


I am sure there are more uses for this - these were just the two that sprang to mind.


I would appreciate it if other people that see value in this could add there own examples below.







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I can definitely see where you are coming from here! 


The ProRealTime platform very much has customisation as a key feature and so the idea of being able to customise the values that are presented according to what you want to see would appeal to many traders, especially those that might be looking for specific technical data without having the need to have a specific chart open to see it. 


I have passed this on to the developers to look at and I do hope one day this will be seen.


Please do let us know if you have any other ideas!

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