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PRT Feature request - Printing

Guest Stef




This is just silly. When printing the results of backtests (to PDF for example, for record purposes), there is no option to print a full report - all pages on all the tabs. You have to print each page in turn. This is especially a pain when you print to PDF as you end up with multiple PDF files for the same report. Yes, you can then use software to concatenate them into a single file, but all of this takes (and wastes) unnecessary time.





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Hi ,


Thanks for letting us know about that! 


I can see that this would be annoying, especially if the backtesting you are doing is for a strategy that is of high frequency. Given that this sounds to not be expected behaviour I have informed the ProRealTime technical team of this to investigate further. 


Thanks again for bringing this to our attention and once I hear back from them regarding this I will let you know!

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