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I have spoken to ProRealTime with regards to your query into the 10.3 platform testing. 


They have said that they will have 10.3 available to be used very soon which is exciting! With that in mind do visit their site in the coming weeks for they will be confirming the release of 10.3. 


In terms of when we will be integrating the new features to the ProRealTime platform we offer I would not be able to specify as and when that will be as firstly we will want to see how the new upgrade performs and then secondly we will want to do some compatibility and integration testing of our own. 


We can naturally envisage the demand and excitement that 10.3 will generate and so closer to the time and once milestones are reached we will be sure to keep the trading community well informed! 

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Quite a few remember that the last RPT update (10.2) took about a year for IG to update for their clients for, as you say, "compatibility and integration testing". In this day and age that could be possibly be considered, er, ... unfortunate.

I appreciate RPT cost for an outside user, well was about £30 per month so we should show a degree of gratitude, however given that the home IG platform is so, er, ... unfortunate, we shall all be rooting for the IG team to make haste and deliver this update as soon as possible. 

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