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PIA Signals 6 trades reviews.2017 results

Guest oilfxpro

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Guest oilfxpro

I wanted to use their free signals, how reliable are they?


If they are making these returns  they claim , why are they not billionaires?




Most of the signals I saw  six  signals,   there are many clues why  the signal provider is an analyst, but he only sells signal to I G. 6 signals were reviewed.These were Eurjpy , usd jpy , usd cad , aud usd , ftse and eurgbp 


eurgbp :Trade worked  but it was called before nfp , it could have gone either way.risky gamble




audusd :too much complicated analyses (a simple support and resistance method would do a better job.? 




ftse :Signal is too early without correlations to Dow or Dax




Eur jpy :The trade is long for my profitable trade but signal is short




usd cad




I think they are reading from  forum and posting then reposting






A short recommendation  when live trades  are long  by me , and profitable.




Trader can use their signals but this is just like buying a map to the trading gold.


If these worked well , Pia would be billionaires, like George Soros. They still need to sell signals. Infact IG could invest a billion  and  earn 40 to 50%  a year, that is better than all ftse companies.There is something not right ,it does not add up.


A trader can earn a 50 ticks consistently a week from trading , a trader can become a billionaire in 12 years.Compound profits on a weekly basis ,  a low risk method with low draw downs of less than 200 pips , and maximum 30 ticks risked per trade.On three lots risk is 90 pips or $900 per trade on a $100,000 account.

3 positions * 50 ticks a week  * 1 lot , compound it on a weekly basis.



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I wanted to use oilfxpro's free signals, how reliable are they?


Just google search 'oilfxpro' to find out.


As you can see he has been a spectacular failure on every forum site since 2007. Such a failure that after 10 years of trading his 'systems' he is still working with a (self confessed) £1000 account. 


There is no such thing as a 'professional' trader working a £1000. account, but this is after 10 years of 'success'.


Within these forums you will find many 'systems' that he proves are 'profitable' by posting carefully edited snips of a statement, never a whole thing or a whole history but it doesn't matter, he either gets banned or just ends up talking to an empty room as people realise it's all a fantasy and just walk away.



OILFXPRO oil breakout system - Forex Trading Hours - General ...

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Guest oilfxpro



You can't make any useful discussions on the subject  or any useful contributions to the original post of this thread.This is why nobody can have sensible discussions on a forum.

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Wrote: "Casey you can't make useful discussions on the subject or any useful contributions ..."


But oilfxam, you always told us exposing charlatans on forums was a very useful contribution. In fact you claim it was that very reason that got you banned from the T2W forum, though we all know it was really for persistent baiting and flaming other forum users.

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Guest oilfxpro

How come you pretend to act as forum police?


I was not talking about your beloved tradecity.com , or other paid sites you post links to.If you want to post quality trade set ups , like I do , then post them here instead of sending them links to other paid sites. I am going join your beloved tradecity, then post the truth here, now that you keep wanting the truth about charlatans.I can also log in on I G forum, under POA  account, if they ban me for frank discussions.So no point in trying to get me banned.


Then you stated defending James16 , when there is evidence provided on the forexfactory link provided , that they banned a member and then after banning him, they started hitting him below  the belt.


The private forums don't like profitable traders posting profitable methods, it does the resident forum scammers out of business, the scammers can't sell their  systems, methods and education, so they ban the person providing profitable ideas.The word profitable is often used by others , is despised by scammers because it does the scammer out of business.


This discussion on PIA signal clearly shows , there are discrepancies , between their quarterly reports and annual reports .The figures don't match. Their 2015 reports show a return of 150% per annul..


Their intraday summary for 2017 shows 2696 trades , loss of 5.92 % (bit over trading ),.Somebody stated and edited his post , claiming they were professional. In fact Casey used the word professional signal providers, and claimed they are his friends here.I am glad you think they are professional, that you believe a professional trader will place 2696 trades in a year , whilst showing a loss of 5.92%.No professional will go through 53 trades a week for 52 weeks, without making any money.




Next time you want to start derailing threads ,expect the same type of answer as in this post.I might walk away from this forum, due to constant derailing/destruction of objective threads.


My objective was not to destroy anything , but this constant attacking of anything subjective posted , is resulting in constantly ending up in being attacked.I was objectively reviewing their signal, if it would be of any benefit to me.











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Nothing to do with policing, just challenging everyday hypocrisy, double standards, unbridled pomposity, unfounded arrogance, deceit and hyperbole.


And let’s admit, you give plenty to work with. Posts with titles such as ‘profits 35% a week but realistically 3.5%’ for instance.


If by ‘policing’ you mean jumping onto every thread just to tell the poster they are wrong and should be using your constantly changing, tangled and multifarious options strategy then I shall leave the policing to you as I don’t think you could stop even if you tried.


I had never heard of James16 until you started posting his work claiming it to be your own.


Of course PIA are professional, they get paid for what they do (unlike you).


I wont comment on the rest of your post because it is so garbled as to not make any sense.




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Guest oilfxpro

As regards PIA  , they are a forum member , there is every right to comment on their signals and activities in the forum.The more I G bring the merrier the party of the trading gold rush map sellers.

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Guest oilfxpro

Anybody or any internet marketer can post results on internet sites, but real trading is difficult and making money fromn back tests is not the same , as my own forex systems below show 80 pips a week from several systems, Half a dozen traders failed at implementing it , so they sell signals  or teach.


You yourself can not post 20 trades in advance to prove ,you trade at all , or make any money from trading.


performance forex.jpgperformance forex1.jpg

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Do you seriously expect anyone to believe this is a record of your actual trading history since 2012? 


You have already told us you were never profitable for 10 years (2007 - 2017), and that you are trading with a £1000 'live' account, and that you never trust anyone posting spreadsheets. 


This therefore presumably relates to your £10 million 'demo' account. Brilliant, well done.

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Guest oilfxpro

You can not even do that or show you have at least any trading skills , other simple technical analysis skills (talking road map ) all day.This is only 5% of trading.


A map does not take a driver , from a to b , it still needs a driver to drive from A to B ,  you only know the 5 % of the skills required for trading,You don't have the  95% skills of trading.


One who can't make money from forex is doing t/a   p/a on dax .Is trying to market paid sites for education.


*** Intraday Price Action Scalping on FX Majors ***


One who can't even read price action, is suggest the opposite of a price action trade.As per example below


casey wu.jpgcasey2.jpgcasey3.jpg





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So yes, a fake spreadsheet of a demo account, brilliant,well done. And oh look some pics to show price will often bounce off support, PIA must be quaking in their boots and the forum must be aghast at the depth of TA understanding displayed by oilfxam. And so quickly resume the fantasy that everyone else is always wrong and a successful, profitable trader will still have a £1000 account after 10 years. Sad.

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This is real desperation "currency traders don't trade price action". What you really mean is YOU can't trade price action so instead hide behind a coin flip options system that you have to keep changing continuously, for years, because you can never get it to work, though all the while the fantasy dictates you must declare it as being continuously profitable. Sad. 

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Guest oilfxpro

The sign of an internet marketeer is a signature on price action education , followed by advertising threads and links to tradecity price action education course.


Those who can do, those who can't teach!

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Guest oilfxpro

*** Intraday Price Action Scalping on FX Majors ***



Professionals don't trade intraday price action, it is only for amateurs.Professionals trade 4 to 5 times a year.


Not 53 times a week




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Guest oilfxpro

You have not  seen Ken Kesey's new gifs, Ken Kesey wrote the book "one flew over the cuckoo's nest", it is very relevant to trading, just apply it to someone who does not want to work , but gamble and sell trading educational stuff from internet sites.The new gifs are about a charlatan  selling price action courses, because he can't trade, he dances to increase for **** appeal and selling course.


As regards you , one who can't read price action , it shows from your past posts you can't read it , so how can you apply it?.You can't.



Equally a football manager who has never played football , can not be a good manager.He does not have extreme knowledge.


Equally a signal provider who is not a professional trader , can not give professional signals. You need the skills of a professional trader , to know when to call a signal.If an amateur trader is very impatient, he will call signals very early  and he will call signals before the NFP,  because he does not have the mindset of a professional trader. He will give early signals , , in fear of missing out  on a trade.


A signal provider needs to have patience and psychological skills  to give better signals




Highly advanced system:How to give a trade signal  posted here 




In the mean time if they continue with amateurish signals , there will be plenty of lulz.





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