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Advanced technical analysis seminar

Guest DanC

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Hi all,


On Tuesday the 26th April, our Analsyst  will be running a seminar on Advanced technical analysis in our London office. During this evening session Josh will cover how to:


  • Recognise which markets to trade and why 
  • Use a range of indicators
  • Read charts in a way that moves past the jargon 
  • Realise the importance of being both open-minded and critical of strategies
  • Be able to differentiate between different types of market trends and utilise different strategies accordingly
  • Learn to prioritise different forms of analysis to find higher probability setups
  • Use different timeframes to enable accurate entry and longevity of trade


For all those interested you can sign up here. There is also limited availability for a tour of the office prior to the seminar.


If you have any questions about the seminar, do let us know. We'd also appreciate any feedback on us posting these kind of events in the Community, please feel free to comment below.



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Guest MrJake

I would love to come to your seminars, however the logistics are difficult for a return journey to Devon


Are there ever any of these educational briefings run at earlier times in the day?

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Guest oilfxpro

Please provide more information


Is the seminar by a professional trader?


Does he make money from selling education , seminars ,writing books  or from trading?

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Guest FoxTrader

hi  - will you consider hosting it as "webinar" (maybe in future?) or making it available for download to us?


Happy days

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Hi all,


, we have started to run afternoon seminars, starting about 2.45. I think the next one may be an introduction to spread betting, however we haven't finalised the details just yet, which is why it isn't currently being advertised. The team will bear the Advanced Tech analysis in mind for future afternoon seminars though!


, that's seems like a good idea, and I'll pass your feedback on. We do already run a number of online webinars - you can find them all here.




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