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Eyes on Inflation

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Feb 2nd's NFP set the scene for last weeks market turn around, the beat on job numbers and average hourly earning plus a revised increase in consumer sentiment made the market consider the increasing possibility of rising inflation after a long period of stagnation.

Will tomorrow's US CPI data shed more light on the prospect?




Wed 14th Events:



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Yen continues to rise on the outflows from Dow, Dow dip buyers are waiting for data on inflation. USDJPY dips a toe below the September low but gets cold feet.

US CPI and retail sales 13:30.





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What reaction to expect from a CPI outside expectation. But remember too that core retail sales data comes out at the same time where a figure higher than expectation will give US dollar a lift so any reaction in USD will be the sum of the two different data sets.


Incidentally Joel Kruger is formally of DailyFX.



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    • What do you think, Kathleen?   Looks like oil is consolidating above a 200 day SMA, so it is likely to fall down to $38 (or maybe the foreskin-tingling $36) but then it's likely to come back up to $40 and stick around that level for a while.  🤔
    • Oh look, trillions of dollars sloshing about seeking alpha and very little of it 'trickling down' to actual human beings.  No wonder there is no inflation.  You'd think somebody planned this all out or something*. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-health-coronavirus-britain-fca/12-million-people-in-britain-will-struggle-to-pay-bills-watchdog-says-idUKKBN2763C5   * For those who'd like to know more about it: https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/download/pdf/Capital-Volume-I.pdf
    • Once again my mind cycles round to this idea of understanding wave structure and how Fibonacci ratios aren't useful on their own. But then I open up that book by Precther and Frost, and then I remember why I didn't go any further with EWP.