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Buy straddle  every morning on open at 8.00  for 90 pips premium

let it expire  at 4.30 p m


after 4 losses  increase size to quadruple position size , until equity gans new high , after which  revert to orignal lot size


Here  are results  on charts  after quadrupling size , there is nothing wrong with the option pricing ,this is  a strategy   which plays around black scholes model



strategy still in development , so don't use it without testing and sufficient  back tests over 2 years


set and forget strategies eliminate  phsychological handicaps of the human brain ,this strategy is designed to eliminate phsyche issues , technical anylysis  and  failure of t/a strategies









version 2 and optimisation coming soon

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The daily strategies are not as profitable   , as the weekly strategies , due to the time element  for trades to materialise  , within the option expiry time .The weeklies let you get into profit , and give you enough time


The cost of daily straddle  optionsis 90   , weekly 200    , so daily is   5  *90 = 450


so  5 times as much works   for less reward

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    • Great post... Inflation is less transient than central bankers hope. The current result is transient (they hope) stagflation. Reflationary trends are more likely than not, though the  general market correction that is being deferred once more, is likely over due come Q1 22....more likely before.  As for your clever strategy, respect. As a simple Oil and gas trader I judge different metrics (like actual physical supply, storage and expected and real demand) for example. Plus order flow is useful. Have a great day trading all. Finally getting round to booking some holiday time that's not in the UK...which is a good sign..  
    • In the news; - oh dear never mind, it's all good data;  'A Turkish Prof, Zafer Kurugöl has said on TV that they have "accidentally" vaccinated babies with covid vax (adult dosage) and will publish the results (of their accidental experiment). He was also member of the Scientific Committee at Pfizer's Scientific Research Competition.' Professore Notte Botta @note_bot_ Pfizer’in Bilimsel Araştırmaya ve Genç Araştırmacılara Desteği Devam Ediyor | Pfizer Türkiye     'Newly reported deaths in Hawaii have risen 1,740% in the past two months despite one of the longest mask mandates in the world & overwhelming compliance…so I have to ask once again why Ron DeSantis did not mandate double masking & spend more time promoting vaccinations there.'  IM @ianmSC         Cases in South Korea have been at record high levels for nearly 3 months now despite 99% mask compliance, mask mandates and fines for non-compliance, so it’s always nice to hear politicians and experts keep pushing more mask mandates & forcing masks on 2 year olds.  IM @ianmSC   .
    • Ei Robsy, unfortunately nothing apart from the comment above. you? any more luck?
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