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Augmentum Fintech IPO

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We have just gone live with the Augmentum Fintech IPO.


We are accepting applications until the 8th at 13:00.


Information can be found here: https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/share-dealing/ipos


More info about the business

Website 1: https://www.augmentumfintech.com/ 

Website 2: http://www.augmentumcapital.com/

Brief statement: Augmentum Fintech plc, a newly established closed-ended investment company incorporated in England and Wales, has announced its intention to launch an initial public offering (“IPO”). An investment in the Company will enabled investors to gain exposure to a focused portfolio of fast growing and/or high potential private financial services (“fintech”) businesses based predominantly in the UK and wider Europe.


The Company will invest in early (but not seed) or later stage investments in unquoted fintech businesses which are high growth, with scalable opportunities, and have disruptive technologies in the banking, insurance and asset management sectors, including other cross-industry propositions.




Any questions let me know.

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I am an Investment-Authorised Member of Seedrs.


Seedrs too are offering the opportunity for investors to participate in the Augmentum Fintech IPO. Jeff Lynn has advised that the reason why Seedrs are offering this opportunity is because Augmentum have been an investor in Seedrs.


By investing in Augmentum you are getting exposure to Seedrs who they have invested in. However I already have an equity stake in Seedrs as I invested in their previous fundraising round. The only other investments that sort of interest me are Whisky Direct and BullionVault. I have used Bullion Vault in the past during the pre financial crisis period to hold a position in Gold. They have around six key investments. Zopa being one of them.


I think as I already have a stake in Seedrs then investing in this IPO does not appeal to me as Seedrs is one of six investments it holds.


I would rather use the capital to invest in disruptive fintech that has an edge and an enormous market potential. I like themes such as robotics, automation and artificial intelligence. Combine this with IOT (Internet of Things) and Blockchain technology and then I am very much interested. 







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