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Shorting with IG


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I will leave the review of our offering to other community members, however you may find the following link useful: https://www.ig.com/uk/shares


If you scroll to the "Find a share to trade" section you will see an Excel or PDF which you can download to see which stock are currently 'shortable'. Sometimes stock will be 'unborrowable' due to the lack of borrow in the underlying market, however in these instances please give us a call and we can check with our liquidity providers to see if there is anything we can secure. 

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Although I haven’t shorted American stock / international I don’t think it would be different from uk stock. It’s in their interest to let you do it because that’s how they make commission, so I can only imagine a rejection would be because there isn’t anyone lending in the actual market.


Guess the only way to know is to try. Maybe someone else can comment?


What are you looking to short?

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Its on a day trading aspect so really depends on the day but usually lower float stocks (under30mil), but usually there is not time to waste trying to call the help desk to see if they can gather shorts.


Appreciate the reply thanks

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Hi - there is a minimum market cap on US stock of about $250 million, however there are a number of other factors such as free float etc. Stock of $30m in the states are generally going to have been traded as pink sheets which are relatively hard to trade and aren't electronically matched. 


If you have a couple you just wanted to check with me, please let me know below. 

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Hi all, 


I tend to short a few things (stocks, us and uk) in my portfolio and am looking to add a few more. 


How can we get visibility on the funding rates for the Repo leg of the trade for each stock?


i'm just worried that ill short something then hit with a huge financing overnight bill if the stock is "repo special" etc?







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