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PRT Auto-System - Latest to Trigger??


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If anybody knows a way to achieve below then let me know please.


IT-Finance consider below as a suggestion for improvement please.


Scenario: I have 20 Auto-Systems running and I hear the alert sound that one of them has  ...


Entered a Trade

Exited a Trade

Switched from Long to Short

Switched from Short to Long


But I don't want to stop what I'm doing and then another System triggers, then another; (I've heard 4 alerts while writing this message!). 10 minutes later I'm out of my manual trade and want to know which Auto-System triggered and in what order etc.


I would have to go through the 'little Alert Notification screen' and make handwritten notes! There is no single 'summary screen' which allows me to sort by 'Latest to Trigger' and so give me full meaningful visibility of all my Auto-Trades?


I don't want to go through all 20 Systems under respective 'Orders List' Tab and see which one has just triggered ... how laborious!  So I am left very frustrated at not having clear informative visibility of my Trades!


If I have 'missed a trick here' then please let me know?


Alternatively, please 'Like' this post and then PRT via IG may consider making improvements?




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Ha ... just shows how wrong I can be!:smileylol:


I would have deleted my rant above, but this is not possible, so now I'll have to make 'myself eat humble pie'! ha


There is a summary screen which shows a date / time group and I was aware of it ... oops I forgot about what detail it showed ... see attached / below ... sorted!






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Do feel free to add a name of one of the moderators if you have any specific questions or issues, as I am sure we will be able to help. I for instance am a Technical Specialist within Trading services and so I work closely with our trading technology and so will be more than happy to field any questions you may have on ProRealTime. 


I hope that helps and look forward to hearing from you! 

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