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Can someone show me how I can ask a question of "caseynotes please

Guest TheBigKangaroo


Guest TheBigKangaroo

I am getting lost up my own !!!!.  I just want to know how to place a FX trade in terms of the IG platform.  I can do it with the previous platform with another broker but believe this company is way better


yhank you

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Hi ,  to get someones attention then in the body of text just add @   and then their name as in   and they will get a notification someone has mentioned them in a post.


As all platforms and layouts and deal tickets are different the best way to learn is to activate the demo version of the platform and just play about and see what happens. Leaving aside strategy the two ways to place a trade on a spread bet or a CFD account is either instant (at market) or to place an order to trigger an entry when price hits a certain level.


I think in Oz you are using the old platform so. If you think price will break down through the 12280 level place an order to sell @12280, order type stop (entry), stop loss 10 points (in the example), add target level if desired and then submit. 


If you think price will reverse back up at 12280 then enter a buy order at 12280, entry order type is limit, add stop loss 10 points and add target as desired and submit.


The order should then come up in 'working orders' section.


Have fun and apologies if my rough graphics are confusing, ask away if unsure.




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Guest TheBigKangaroo

WoW again .  I am going to embarrass my self but I dont care.  for the 2 weeks I played with ForexCT platform, it was siimple for me.  I should mention, I am only interested in forex ATM.  if say the SELL was 78.25, I could chose to buy and put my stop loss at say 77.50 and what they called "Take Profit" at 79.00.  That was so easy for me.  I am thinking that maybe the LIMIT option is the "Take Profit".  Is this correct?  If it is, the word "Limit" throws me because no one would ever want to LIMIT their profit I would have thought.  If this is right, I am ready to have a go with only one more question, what does the "net off" and "force open" mean.


Why do I need to hassle you about this anyway.  You are ever so forthcoming with your knowledge but I would have thought IG had a vested interest in producing a manual that explains all of the aspects of their system as a minimum requirement.  It has frustrated me no end and if I thought ForexCT was an honorable company I would have stayed with their ever so simple platform.  Is there any other companies that "care" about informing their clients properly on their platform cos I can see me and IG going too far..for my "high blood pressure"!!!


Kind regards



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Hi , you're welcome. Yes, you are correct, the final 'Limit' box I marked as Target meaning 'take profit' level. Once you have played around on demo you will get the hang of it very quickly and that's what demo is mainly for after all and the best way to learn.


The names derive from the actual type of orders they are and have been handed down over the decades so to change them now would probably upset the old hands.


On the IG home page check out the search box marked with the magnifying glass (top right) and a search for 'net off force open' will list the page linked below which includes a definition of both and a short video to explain the meaning.




Good luck.



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 (re titled thread) Better to ask than forge ahead blindly, no one is able to answer every question but maybe someone can and so the community is a good place to ask. 


Which is the better platform is an excellent question, and of course the answer is not going to be straight forward. 


IG's own platform is very good for charting and probably the best for dealing, extremely robust and efficient having served well over a long period of time and well suited to serious, and lasting (ie successful) traders. Has been revamped lately to incorporate technological improvements while still retaining user compatibility for those who have been with IG for a long time. The charting was basic but the new version (not yet available everywhere) has improved the charting capability considerably.


The IG version of ProRealTime is an excellent charting package with very good dealing capabilities and it's custom indicator base and EA trading aspects are continually improving. The dealing aspect seems less expansive in it's range than dealing on IG's own platform.


MT4 is the latest addition for IG, it's well known to all as a very good charting package with an astonishing array of custom indicators and EA's, again the dealing aspect linked to IG is less tuned to more complicated dealing transactions.


Worth bearing in mind PRT and MT4 are third party so therefore not directly controlled by IG. Any of the 3 will suit a new trader but as they progress may gravitate toward;


IG's own platform as a very good all rounder for charting and probably the best dealing platform and for all asset types.


PRT for charting and for asset type range and straightforward dealing.


MT4 for charting, as yet has less range of asset types to trade and only straightforward dealing but continues to improve, best of the three for custom indicators and EA's.


Based on my own experiences, happy to be contradicted, please add your own input.









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Guest TheBigKangaroo



Ok...thanks to you I am getting more aware.  When you say "MT4 is the latest addition for IG, " does this mean I can still be with IG and change the "platform" I use to MT4?  I am just trying to get my head around this.  The thing is, there are a lot of good you tube video's explaining how to use MT4 platform and almost NONE for IG that explain it all, like I previously said, no "user manual".  User Manuals are fantastic and one couple with many supporting video's would be ideal...a quicker way to learn.


When I first opened my account with IG, I place a trade that I thought was placed correctly then proceeded to loose $482 AUD.  I now know that going DEMO is the way but I would still like to place a small "wager" as I am learning.   I am too conscious that I am taking way too much of your time and I am feeling rather guilty. From what I understand about you, you will say "no problem" but IO am serious and genuine about my guilt. This puts me in conflict because you have all the answers (that I need) and I get a detailed and quick response which feeds my quest for knowledge.  Help me out here ...   Is there any place you can direct me to get answers like this to reduce my guilty feeling?  Again, thankyou (x100)

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, do not worry, If I could not answer a question or did not have the time I simply wouldn't. If I can I will.


You can add an MT4 account and transfer funds into it from your other account very simply and download IG's MT4 or you can use any version of MT4 so long as the IG server is linked to your platform. IG do 20 odd very useful additional apps for MT4 but I don't know if they work on any other than the IG MT4.

A google search for 'how to ... on MT4' will get loads of hits and nearly all solutions will work for IG's MT4.


Consider what you will be trading, Markets IG provide on MT4 are most of the major and minor fx, indices, US and UK oil, gold and silver and some crypto. There are no stocks/shares.


Also consider PRT, it is also relatively simple to learn and has a large educational section and demo and if making the minimum 4 orders a month (1 in/out trade x 2) then there is no monthly fee.


Always use demo to learn the platform and especially the deal ticket. When starting live use the smallest bet size to start with just to make sure (demo is not exactly the same as live).


Sources for info are the search bar on the IG home page (not the prominent 'Search All Markets', but the one with the magnifying glass icon top right of screen), google search will often direct you to specific IG pages, the live chat is useful but perhaps less so for technical problems. I think the phone help line has a tech support section. And of course the community though there is not always a response if there is no one on line who knows, If it is a difficult problem then tagging a moderator can often get an answer, if they don't know they can refer the question on to tech support. 


Trying not to lose money is the number one consideration, trying to make a profit is only number two. There really is no harm in asking and is a better way to learn than costly mistakes.


Best of luck.


PS I forgot to add how to get live chat, Just open the IG home page in a new browser window and the live chat pop up will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen after about 30 second.

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