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Conversion difference?

Guest CJ3

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I'm missing something: 


I bought 167 shares of Visa for an average book cost of 121.68 in three purchases: 

1. Price: 124.18 Consideration $6829.90, Commission: $15.00,  Total in GBP: £4918.34 

2. Price: 122.04 Consideration $6712.20, Commission: $15.00, Total in GBP: £4913.34 

3. Price: 118.83 Consideration $6773.31, Commission: $15.00, Total in GBP: £4944.81

So a total consideration of $20,315.41 Fee's of $45.00, and a GBP total cost (inc fees of) £14,776.49


A few days later - I sold at 124.5: Consideration: $-20791.50, Commission: $15.00, "Charges" $0.48 Total Cost: £-14,894.49


IG was saying I was $476.09 in profit (before fees) However, you can see in UK GBP, my profit is £118 (the exchange rate is around 0.72 at the time)


According to Google's exchange converter, it should be around £339.30 (and according to my own maths it should be £342 ish)

So, roughly, where is the missing £200~? What am I missing?? I'm suspicious that the "charges" of $0.48 might be per share? is that the case, I can't find any documentation about it.


I appreciate that exchange rate is a factor, (both in and out I guess?),

Where can I check that the sell order was fully filled at that price? Is there anywhere?


Any ideas would be great, I'm obviously still in profit so I'm not "bothered" - just wondering what exactly happened so I can avoid in future.

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Guest PandaFace

I recon it must be exchange rates. When did you buy origionally? Done forget there have been some relatively large moves in this month alone up about 2% since the start of the month. There should be exchange rates on your statement.

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Okay, so the exchange rates on the history tab are this:


Buy 1: 0.7185406

Buy 2: 0.7303682

Buy 3: 0.7284294

(avg: 0.7293988)

Sell: 0.7169232   (so down = 0.0124756)

So that's a what? -1.24% drop ?


That doesn't total the missing amount (at least, I don't think it does?)

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Guest PandaFace

Ok so you’re costs are basically


Commissions of $60

Underlying fx movement of 1.24% roughly

...and don’t forget the GBPUSD commission of IG which is 0.3% when you convert to usd, and then AGAIN when you convert back. So that’s another 0.6%


Those percentages would be about $275 usd which is about £200. So that works out right? Or are those fx conversion fees included? Dunno.

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Guest PandaFace

Yeh. 0.6% isn’t too bad tbh as I know at iWeb it was something crazy like 1.5% each way which is 3% round trip, and I think Barclay or hsbc or something was 1.75 each way so 3.5% total.


That 2.9% would have been something like 435 quid on a £15k trade. Mad really.


0.3 each way is the lowest I’ve ever seen, so...

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