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Main stream media hyperbola


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Main stream media hyperbola is where the MSM gushes over some piece of "news" or statement and presents it as "fact".  I particularly laugh when I read how such and such was the reason for a rise or fall in markets, as if it is ever that simple.  As any of you who have read Kahneman - Thinking, fast and slow - will know the human mind works by creating causal relationships from experience and, in particular, from close proximity.  In other words something happened because something else happened just before that.  This is very often incorrect.


This one I particularly loved and had a good LOL moment from it.  Sky Sports reports that the value of Man Utd has dropped £412 mil since the start of the season because of...  "poor performance on the pitch".


I won't insult you intelligence by showing how this is crass nonsense.


But serious point, when MSM goes into overdrive on a topic that seems like it is becoming received wisdom prepare for a reversal.  Why?  MSM only come to conclusions like this long after the real event takes place and usually near the end of the resulting market moves.

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