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MT4 WHy no Candles


Hi all and and who has been very helpful.  Casey, I got the account opened, on your advice, watched quite a few videos about MT4 and read a lot of the excellent manual this company has but none of my searches could find an answer.  I am selecting the "candles chart" but is not being displayed.  At some point, they were displayed but then this would disappear when I logged in again.  You can the "button" is selected.  Anyone have any ideas






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Hi ,  Difficult to see from the pic, there is a short cut to save the whole chart (not personal account info) to add to a post. Right click on the chart for menu then 'save as picture'  and save in your pics folder for adding to a post.


Do the candles completely disappear?, it looks like you are on max zoom out so they look like a bar chart rather than a candle chart so try the zoom in. If you set up one chart with the colours etc you like make it a template so you can make any new charts look the same.



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Looks very much like you just need to use the zoom control to zoom in. You can also download the IG MT4 (20 odd) app package one of which is the mini terminal which is a much better deal ticket than the standard MT4 one.



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    • I tried fundamental analysis for years and its was pointless from a trading perspective (well for me anyway). long term investment sure . It takes ages and market just doesn't do what it says on the tin.  I see that many pro traders just focus on a few stocks for their whole career, maybe that's the way to go. Hard to know  Although it seems that everything is equally difficult. I never try FX as I know diddlysquat about that.     I have given up reading books, sick to death of those cherry picked charts and all the fluff like "trade at the start of trend" How the *** are you supposed to know with any degree confidence  that a trend is starting ? The $64,000 question which they all skip over.  Also the other usual  one is that "markets only trend of 20% of time". I could never understand that. Change the time frame and you can find trends  everywhere. 
    • Ha yes, yesterday's S&P candle looks a bit different from when I last looked last night. Dow bull flag on yesterday's high. FTSE and S&P daily. Dax and Dow H1 charts;
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