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I started investing in December 2017, I am lucky enough to have one free carry and if I get what I think may occur , my massive (lol) portfolio of 3 lots of company shares will be all free carry.

My question is this to the community. One of my picks has gone into a trading halt with speculation it is a take over.

When a take over offer occurs how do you accept it, if it is acceptable,  using the IG Trading platform.


Thanks for your help

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Put simply any corporate action which occurs in the underlying market will be replicated appropriately on the IG platform. For example, if there is a take over and a cash settlement the position will be closed at the settlement price. If there is a stock issue, then the terms of the issue will be reflected. I hope this clarifies things? 

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I am trying to understand something similar. 

I recently bought 21 st Century Fox Share and was hoping to execute trade such that it settled before the Disney Fox Merger. However my trade was a day late and settlement on a T+2 basis would have only occurred the day after the official close of the Merger. 

All reports have indicated that the corporate action has taken place and the merger has closed with "new fox" actively trading. My portfolio still shows my holding as 21 st Century Fox which is in a trading halt (and won't be traded any further due to the merger). Which leaves me in a unique position as I don't believe settlement has occurred. 

Would be great to hear if anyone knows what happens in this situation.


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