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issues about downloading ig trading app on ipad

Guest cwl


im from hk and i want to download the ig trading app on my ipad. However, only uk apple account can download it from the app store. Is there any other way to get the app installed on i pad?

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Guest WillA

Hi , this is because of an Apple App Store policy change meaning we are unable to offer our app in your country.


We are working on a browser based mobile app which will allow you to trade on mobile, which should be released in coming months.


In the meantime you would need to use an Android device or if you launch our new platform via Safari (or most browsers) on iPad this should work. Keep in mind it is meant to be used on desktop though so isn't optimised for mobile.







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Guest rachelbarnes


mobile trading apps might not be available in your location – but if you can’t download our app, you can still use the online platform to trade.

To control your risk, guaranteed stop losses are available. They are an optional feature that needs to be manually selected unless your account includes them automatically. They are also subject to an additional charge if triggered.\



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