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Price action indicator doing automated p/a anylysis


Does I G provide any quality price action indicators , a simple analysis software , it displays a price action reading on the indicator?


My grandmother said "never teach your grandma to suck eggs", so she gave me this indicator.Does I G provide anything similar on platforms?



price action indicator anylysis.jpgprice action indicator.jpg

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Surprised not even the gurus know, that a free stochastics indicator called stochastics does the same job.Now this indicator could be demise of the fake Gurus.

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IG will not provide any EA's or automatic trading bots, as that would deviate from our execution only business model. We will continue to provide the software used to execute trades, but will give no suggestion on market direction or automatically execute trades.


Obviously we have out analysts who give their own opinions on where the market could go as well as give market commentary on a number of other things, however at the end of the day this is just a single suggestion of a potential market movement which the client then needs to decide to act on if they agree. 


An EA is very different and we wouldn't be looking at adding this to our suite. 

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Hi James 


My question was a trick question.All the analysis, that a trader needs,is already available freely  on prorealtime and MT4. Most traders don't really need any more  analysis, opinions and trade ideas.We already have our own profitable trading methods.


As an example I am going to show this indicator, the stochastics, it is freely available on all IG platforms.The stochastics indicator is also a price action indicator.It is compared to the price indicator, posted in the chart below.


IG can continue it's expensive webinars,but really there is no need, because the analysis is already available on the free charts provided by IG.The stochastics indicator is already doing the price action analysis on most trader's charts.This eliminates the need for price action webinars for traders.


So trading industry gurus can keep on creating new useless "price action webinars and anylysis",they can keep re-inventing the wheel, and keep doing the same thing over and over ,expecting different results.




The trading industry is full of geniuses, who think they are helping someone else,creating complex analysis etc,there is no need.

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Thanks for the feedback. As with all things in life, preferences are different and sometimes things work for some but not for others. Further to this a lot of our webinars are actually educational as well as trade analysis, which does require a more 'webinar' approach. 

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