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ProRealTime compatibility

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Does IG's offering of ProRealTime include compatibility with Ubuntu Linux (16.04 LTS)? I can't find the system requirements anywhere and don't want to activate it and not be able to use it. 


Many thanks.

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Hi , I would be surprised if the IG version was not as is the PRT system requirements (see pic below).


Even if PRT did not work on your system any trades with IG though other platforms should still count towards the min number of trades to avoid the surcharge for activating PRT.


If a surcharge was automatically initiated due to you not being able to use PRT after activation because of system incompatibility I would be very surprised if IG did not reimburse you once notified.


Should not be a problem and well worth a trial.



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Hi , thanks for your reply. 


I too looked up the system requirements on PRT's website before posting (I recognise your screenshot). I'd like to assume IG supports all systems - and I don't know how their contract with PRT might work - but they may have only paid for Windows and macOS support for cost saving purposes. They wouldn't be the first to do this.


I would just email IG's help desk but given how they've ignored most of my queries before (out of a total of five since December 2016), I thought I'd try here first. 


My trading volume exceeds the four-a-month requirement, so you're right, I shouldn't be charged either way. I think I'll give it a go and see what happens. :smileysurprised:

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Hi , the same requirements as  gave apply to the PRT we offer.


The correct email address to use is helpdesk.uk@ig.com and I can see you have used this email in 2017 which was replied to however can't see any other emails from you.


Let us know if you email and do not get a reply within a few days, so we can look into it.





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