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Anatomy of a Bad Trade

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retitle anatomy of impatient trader:smileytongue:


no support and resistance on charts , sold above support  4  s/r touches  incl  res = supp


ranging market 


no clear test of support , first breakout is usually testing support , sold on untested support


up trend line broken , but down trend  not formed  , two sets of peaks troughsrequired


bottom of channel not broken


see 30 min , 1 hour and 4 hour charts





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Hi,  I'm afraid you are missing the obvious and creating complexity where none exists.


The unmissable bolting red line across the chart at 11350 IS the support turned resistance line. Entry was on a valid re-test and rejection of that line.


The failure was either a) not taking profit at the next support level for a scalp trade, or b) adjusting stop to break even and not allowing the trade 'room to breath'.


Scalp or swing? don't try to do both at once.

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If you are scalping ,then you need to exit once a bottomdiagnol trend line formed  and two or 3 bars  above support.

This   should be in the scalping rule


the stop sholud be 10 pips above previous  support for swing



channels as per example are also useful  , it failed to make a  third  touch  on channel  top



There was no channel , and it was  really in chop zone, a channel would have given a double top , failure of third touch  was good price action to go short.Thiswould be my text book entry, after break of two supports , here  there are many easy scalps below 113




channels  as per example  


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The wonderful thing about trend and counter trend lines is that you get to re-draw them over and over again. :smileyhappy:

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