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Hang seng SuntZu EA

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我是中国EA开发人员,我正在制作中文Suntzu EA
 Wǒ shì zhōngguó EA kāifā rényuán, wǒ zhèngzài zhìzuò zhōngwén Suntzu EA
What are spreads at night ?
What are best trading times for Hang Seng in GMT?

 Wǎnshàng shénme shì diǎnchā?
Héngshēng zài gélín wēi zhì shíjiān de zuì jiā jiāoyì shíjiān shì shénme?

I lie Hang seng volatility , it suits my EAS .me like horses run fast,when I bet on horses, me like fast volatile action.
I forget ,waste no time on ASX, NOT VOLATILE ENOUGH.

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Market is closed between 5 am and 6 am, spread was 20


I did not like spread going up to 20 so I stopped testing EAS on Hang Seng.I can understand IG have to cover risk between 5 and 6 am. Changes in spreads don't suit me.

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