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i do not understand why IG has stops so far from market when they are not guaranteed 


why is the ripple stop a minimum of 5 points  which equates to 17% ? 


ridiculous and unhelpful 



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Hey thanks for the feedback - a 5 point stop distance on a market at about 83 equates to about 6% which I double checked with the desk. They confirmed that given the volatility in the crypto markets and the propensity to spike, they believe it to be a rational distance. Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist on. 

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ahh shocking maths on my behalf 



but these are non guaranteed stops so why does IG care ?


or why should it  (obviously it does thus it must have risk it is running, and thus markets wont be fair )


if market spikes 6% then my stop is triggered and i get whatever price IG gives me .. obviously near the top of the move 


otherwise in normal market conditions the stop will be triggered


as always IG wants to have the cake and eat it 





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