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Guest EA-trader

Hi Panda


I just put some EAS on bitcoin and ether crypto currencies, using existing settings.Every Time the the EA got a signal, default stop would get hit very quickly, or the big sharks were playing clever, they went for tight stops.


You need very wide stops to trade cryptocurrencies.Spreads to volatility ratio, volatility is 9 % a day,is that correct?Spread is 70, spread volatility ratio is 7.7%.Just pointing out facts from a trader's perspective.Is it worth paying 7% spread, it is okay to pay this,if fundamentals are likely to increase volatility and trend out.


As a real trader,I am analysing the cost of opportunity.On Dow I am paying 1 % with IG  , on spread to volatility %..I am trying to feel the water on  cryptofreaks. and crypto  roller coasters.


Don't get defensive on IG's spreads, the cost of trading these instruments is very high.I used Bitcoin to make a payment, it cost me 40% in costs to use payment by bitcoin.It must be expensive to hedge risk on bitcoins.Only real traders talk about the reality of spread costs.


percentage volatility  below last 208 days


2018.04.21 8819.41 8997.24 8583.1 8773.92 0.047201
2018.04.22 8778.05 8993.89 8768.58 8816.4 0.025556
2018.04.23 8822.5 8964.14 8728.12 8898.49 0.026524
2018.04.24 8897.55 9546.21 8885.98 9539.26 0.069212
2018.04.25 9538.75 9722.57 9170.68 9356.44 0.058985
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    • It's great to see them expanding their reach and engaging with the crypto community in the Balkans. Networking with other crypto enthusiasts, learning about the latest trends, and potentially meeting the cex's EU COO Apprentice, it's a no-brainer. I'll be spreading the word to my crypto buddies in the region. Can't wait to see what insights and connections will come out of this.
    • MOCA has been killing it since its pre-market launch on this exchange. Can't believe it's already up over 10,000% in less than 2 days. The team's built something special here, and I'm stoked to see where they take it next.
    • Crypto enthusiasts, mark your calendars! Bitget is bringing the future of Web3 to the Balkans with an exciting Community Meetup in Bucuresti Romania on July 18th. Why should you be there? 1. Exclusive Access: Meet Bitget's EU COO Apprentice and gain insider insights into one of the fastest-growing crypto exchanges. 2. Networking Goldmine: Connect with crypto leaders and expand your professional circle in a relaxed, vibrant atmosphere. 3. Cutting-Edge Knowledge: Dive deep into the latest DeFi trends and discover how blockchain is reshaping our daily lives. 4. Swag Alert: Don't miss out on exclusive #BitgetBlue merch! Rock a stylish t-shirt, stay cozy in a hoodie, or carry your tech in a sleek laptop bag. From 19:00 to 21:30, Capital Plaza Hotel,Bulevardul Iancu de Hunedoara 54, București 011745, Romania, will be the epicenter of crypto innovation in the Balkans. Be part of the movement connecting the Builders to the Web3 future! Don't just watch the crypto revolution be part of it. See you in București 011745, Romania!"
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