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Not sure if this is a regular event and it's not listed on IG's upcoming webinars for some reason?? but this could be good value. It looks to be hosted by Michael Boutros of Dailyfx who used to intraday scalp off a 30 min chart quite a few years ago and was a very good presenter and educator.





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If Ig give out free profitable scalping EAS, I would them on my account and start scalping 20 to 50 times a day.That way IG  would make a lot of money from spreads, out of me.


Maybe the webinar strategy posted in written form would be very useful for back testing, Youtube has hundreds of scalping webinars, so what benefit does this webinar give, compared to the other free ones?

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Hey - I have checked and can confirm that because this particular webinar is a strategy piece it won't be surfaced on Academy. This is because this particular area is reserved for education rather than trade ideas. It will be on DFX though, and we will look to bring these sorts of webinars - but in a different manner - in the coming months. 

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