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Why do most trading robots (EAS) fail?

Guest EA-trader

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Guest EA-trader

Why do most trading robots fail?


To understand this take a look at youtube videos on factory robots,  robots in mercedes factory, robots  in bmw factory.Do a google search  as follows, click  and observe how many robots are used to make a car, then apply logic to market conditions for trading.There are twenty different markets conditions, for traders, to apply 20 different robots at the same time.Each market condition requires a robot coded, the robot can only do the specified function, in trading it means each robot operating in a specific market condition.Most amateurs apply one robot to do 20 functions in 20 different markets, when they need to apply 20 robots.


It is similar to a trader doing 20 markets at the same time,this leads to disaster.Robots can backtest and forward test any system, the theories and trading system /illusions/delusions of traders can be tested by robots.


https://www.google search


Here are logics of successful  versus failed robots.

A  profitable robot is made for different 20 market conditions using 20 magics and 20 different  signals  from same EA .Most amateurs try to use one robot for 20 market conditions,inplace of using 20 different robots.


99.9 % of forex robots designers/coders are not suitable for coding  profitable eas on mql5 site.The /ROBOTS are designed by amateur traders,learners, internet scammers and charlatans.






GARBAGETRADER IN + GARBAGE CODER = GARBAGE EA (SELL THE EA).Most eas are sold, not used by he developer.They fail.


They want one robot to do the task of 20 robots.If you see  video, you will see that one robot can not do everything, you can not design one EA (robot)for all market conditions.


It is virtually impossible task for the little man to design profitable robots, one has to experience and understand profitable trading The industry is the blind leading the blind.Those who failed write books,teach,coach,sell seminars,signals and generally breed the failures of tomorrow.Those who can do, those who can't teach,write books,sell  signals.coach, educate and sell maps of technical analysis..Those who can trade,trade!Those who know nought are gurus to the new failures of tomorrow.These people mislead ea developers.We have industry of >98 % failures, they don't know how to trade, never traded profitably, these failures made money from selling education via books, signals,educationalist courses,trading seminars,trading advice,selling eas,  pretending to be traders and stooges for bucket shops, they are  teaching how to trade profitably, when they don't know how.


Most amateurs use knowledge of fake gurus, have it coded into an EA, only to find the robot does not make money, only the  guru ran off with a $1,000  dollar trading course.The guru has disappeared, with a notice "all trading carries risk of loss".


Everything you learn't from book writers can also be back tested,to see if the book guru was a BS  merchant,before you put any money on his snake oil opinions.


How many other ways can robots help?Do you know of any other reasons why robots fail?




These fake gurus start brandishing opinions on Robots, putting other traders off, so traders waste more of time on the failed EAS, after realizing the fake guru wasted his time.

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Guest EA-trader



EAS robots can not change, what they did in the past, unless broker platform creates a bug for the EA. As a result the EA performs differently.Good point.


They can not run out  of money,unless you programmed them to run out of money.In other words robots will only risk money according to parameters.Each robot will calculate the risk, it is preprogrammed with, before placing a trade.Usually my robots are programmed to sustain 10 losses in a row each.

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 aka oilfxpro aka apadhani aka El Cid aka **** aka foroom lluzers, if you want people to try out your ea's don't forget you can post code by tapping on the 'insert code' icon, oh wait, you're trying to sell them via private messages here on the forum aren't you, I forgot.

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Guest EA-trader

Nobody has been offered any eas for sale.there is no evidence of any body being offered any eas, the subjective discussion on 

WHY EAS ROBOTS FAIL, has been brought down to the level  of the  forum regulars.

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Guest EA-trader

Here is evidence of the forum crowd willing to take money for programing work.The people who are not professional coders want trader's money,their records show amateurs  learners applying for coding jobs.The same applies to trading gurus,they want to your hard earned money, to sell a trading course,because  they can not make money from trading.


Good EAS are not sold by owners, as per the first post.The coding work may cost only $300 to $500 dollars for a decent EA, but the golden nuggets are the testing of EAS/robots and the logic, these can be priceless.A typical cost of making 1 robot is around $2,000, so why should anyone hand them for free on a forum?The true cost of 50 robots working together is around $100,000, the logic can be priceless, because these robots can earn 70 to !00 % a year ++++++.Goldman Sachs may offer $50m for them.




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 Ah yes, rechecking my PM's I see you were only willing to 'rent' out your ea's, not actually sell them, so that's completely different then.

I remember at the time words like snake oil salesman and charlatan sprung to mind, I wonder where they came from, someone on the forum must use them regularly but I can't think who.

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Guest EA-trader

I call them Gurus/teachers, they should start selling EAS/robots, because there is no demand for price action courses, trend trading courses, psychology education,  technical analysis education, there is no longer any demand for gurus  who can't do, but teach.Traders can just search for all trading education for free on google search.


google searches for free education youtube


Robots are the new goods to market on the internet, after all those who fail at trading can get an income from selling robots.

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Guest EA-trader

Specsavers have a better solution, they are offering the blind , a special buy one get one free offer.I have no problem with my poor eyesight.

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