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Functions in a professionally coded EA/trading robot

Guest EA-trader

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Guest EA-trader

The following functions are useful in an EA, have them coded.Do you know of any other functions?


//--- Standard parameters
extern double Lots = 2.0;//£2 PER POINT
extern double TradeMaxRisk = 2; // TradeMaxRisk > 0 so much % risk will be used, either based on SL or Account equity
extern bool AutoLot = false;
extern bool AllowSecond = false;
extern int AdvancedProfitManagerBlackout = 60; // 60 minutes wait after the Advanced Profit Manager closes a trade
// First dailyEA1
extern string TRADING_DAYS1AM = "1,2,3,4,5";
extern int StopLossFirst1 = 600; // 0 deactivates Stop Loss
extern int StopLossSecond1 = 600;
extern int StartTrail1 = 300; // Start trail after so many pips.
extern int TrailingStop1 = 250; // 0 deactivates Trailing Stop
extern int TrailStep1 = 30; // With which increments TS moves
// Proportional stop
extern int PropStop1 = 1000; // PropStop follows behind current price by X pips
extern int StartPosition1 = 1650; // Pips profit at which to begin trailing with PropStop
extern double IncrementPercentage1 = 2; // Each pip of profit changes the PropStop value by X percent
extern int MinStopValue1 = 100; // PropStop cannot be less than X
extern int TakeProfit1 = 400; // 0 deactivates Take Profit
extern int GainForBE1 = 200; // How many pips will trigger Break Even. 0 deactivates.
extern int PipsBE1 = 20; // Level at which Break Even will be put
extern int StartTime1 = 130; // Start trading at 7:00
extern int StopTime1 = 1200; // Stop trading at 23:00; Set to StartTime for continous operation (default).
extern int PipGap1 = 100; // Pip gap between first and second entry
extern int TimeGap1 = 30; // Time gap between first and second entry of 30 min
extern int PipsLongEntry1 = -10;
extern int PipsShortEntry1 = 10;
extern string profit="==== Profit Manager ====";
extern int PMTP1 = 1650;
extern bool EnableExitManager = false;
extern double OldSwapLong = 1.0;
extern double OldSwapShort = -1.0;
extern int RangeDeviation = 100;


extern bool UseProbCountsFilter = true; //1 ea with high settings ,secon/forth /seventh/9 th with high settings on second and fourth strategy = msptifilter
extern bool UseProbCountsFilter2 = true;
extern bool UseMSSIFilter = false; // stoch4h
extern bool UsePriceFilter = false;
extern bool UseLWMAFilter = false;
extern bool UseMSEI601Filter = true; // total
extern bool UseConsolidationFilter = false; // oldpm
extern int MinimumPreviousRange = 2;
extern bool Disable_Comments = false; // EA will not display comments on screen
extern string closing="==== Close Times ====";
extern bool CloseOnTime = true;
extern int ClosingTime = 2000;
extern int FridayCloseHour = 19; // Close all pending and open orders on Friday 19.00 hours
extern datetime DisableFrom = D'2016.10.1 11:00:00'; // disable all new trades between 11.00am to 15.00 hours on 1/10/2008
extern datetime DisableTo = D'2016.10.1 15:00:00';
extern bool UseFILEilter = false;
//---- Debugging
extern bool DoScreenShots = true; // Makes screen shots when a trade is open

extern int ExpertID = 6667711;

extern bool UseAdvancedMM = true;//MARTIGALE

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