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Advertising links on IG forum +scams on forums

Guest EA-trader


Guest EA-trader

I was banned, as a customer of IG with a trading account going over many years.I have never sold anything on forums, I never will.Advertising on I G forums is prohibited, to pass this rule, links are posted to sites, under the disguise of teaching/educating /I G customers.At the site linked on I G forum, paid education and courses is being offered to I G customers.Many I G customers are highly intelligent people, they are observing charlatan behaviour on the forum, it is important these links to other paid sites are not posted here.


Forums are marketing sites,where everyone gathers to market their waes,directly or indirectly, subliminally and intentionally to lead I G  clients to their own forum  sites, where rebates are offered to the poster of the links.


I am now going  to post the posts where the forum is being misused, for indirectly advertising sites that sell education,trading courses  and other merchandise.Like minded traders don't come to IG forum,to have their time wasted by links to other sites selling education etc.If a poster can not post  any original stuff from their own charts, they should refrain from from copying and pasting .copyright material from other sites, under the pretence of educating IG customers.I G customers like myself do not to visit these links and only to find an educational course being offered, for a price..


I post my own original charts and do not post links to internet marketeers.I develop my own EAS, I post my own charts and their performance.


Casey has been posting links to many paid sites, where money is being asked for services, it constitutes advertising for rebates or  direct benefits. We don't know who owns these sites, if it is Casey or his friends, we will never tell.I G do not want a situation, where a client is scammed on these sites, as a result of these links posted.I have many cases, where clients have had thousands of dollars lost on internet scammers and forums scamming.


All the forums have had their own scams.Ig customers should be careful of internet scammers.


Lots of talk over at forex factory that the famous Jacko (mentor/trainer and trader) has run off with several 100 thousand in a fund he established from loyal ff.com followers...(shades of T2W's very own wasp?) 
Here are Casey's links to sites, in fact a search history of Casey's post will show  over a hundred links to advertising other  sites.
Cutting and pasting content is also illegal, it may breach copyrights.
We have seen many more of these links,there are hundreds of them, these are contravening the I G community guidelines for advertising.
It is not that difficult to post your own charts, explaining divergences, or in work case post links to Stockcharts, the charts and all the education is provided free, without selling any education.
In this search on stock charts , a trader can get all the knowledge for free.
In casey's case it is to advertise his own sites
It does not take a lot to post divergences on a chart as follows, rather advertise on I G forum.This has been reported to IG moderators.Customers do not want to come to this forum,  to read links posted to advertise to u.s.Subliminal advertising is advertising.
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Here is an example of your direct advertising in PM's on the forum, your claim of innocence is false.


Then to say that the greater crime is to post links to genuine free educational material that may contain an ad for some of the author's other services is astonishing.


Banned again (now 8 out of 9 forums and counting), you should have a think about what it is you are doing wrong instead of just blaming others.  





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Guest EA-trader

I was banned by IG for for 2 days but what about the hundreds of posts and links, that you have been posting on this forum?These are direct advertising,it constitutes a breach of service of the forum.


What about hundreds of posts with links to the same sites, your friend's sites?

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Guest EA-trader

I have never sold anything or advertised any sites,I have never approached any IG customer for selling any products to I G customers.I was approaching an internet marketer, to hire an internet marketer, somebody who is good at internet marketing.


We have had a recent report that you have tried to push goods or services via private message. Please be aware this is a breach of our ToS and therefore we will be banning your account for a period of 2 days. After this time your account on Community will be active again.

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Guest EA-trader

The moderators have got it wrong.I never offered any EAS for sale.I was looking for internet marketers.


Advertising on IG forums  is still an offence.



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Guest EA-trader

This sets a precedent, under educational pretence, to post links to the same sites.These can be owned directly or indirectly by poster.

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Guest EA-trader

Banned again (now 8 out of 9 forums and counting), you should have a think about what it is you are doing wrong instead of just blaming others.  



EA trader has never been banned on any forum.


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