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Spreadbetting edges for punters?

Guest EA-trader

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Guest EA-trader

Analysis by trader, mistakes by both casinos and traders/brokers,each is looking  for inefficiencies in the market, it is really  a mental sport.


Ig offering TV , webinars, education, helpful people on forum. pro real time charts , charts with technical analysis, posters posting the road map of to winning edge i.e technical analysis .Free maps to the potential  winning bets via technical analysis


Play the game in trader's / spreadbetters favour..What is this game?This video makes you fink.


What is the spread betting broker's game and edge?






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Guest EA-trader

This is a subjective discussion on what a trader's edge really is.A broker  or casino has an edge i.e the spread. the broker is guaranteed a profit from the transaction, the trader on the other is guaranteed a loss with the negative edge of the spread.The higher the spread a trader pays, the more the trader will lose.The professionals will trade the "lowest spread to volatility" instruments.


The more a trader trades, the more the negative spread edge a trader gets.The less a trader trades, the more he is likely to profit.Patience is the most important edge for the retail trader, the patience to wait for a really cheap entry, the patience to wait for days and weeks to take a profit and , the patience to wait during uncomfortable losing periods .This is what Warren Buffet has and traders should search on google to read all about Warren Buffet..Any trader can apply Warren Buffet mindset to trading and be profitable.There are edges in Buffettology.


link for warren Buffet searches



Bill Lipschutz

By 1985, Lipschutz was making $300 million per year for Salomon Brothers.Bill Lipschutz summed it up when he said, "Out of 250 trades in a year, it comes down to five, three of those will be wrong and you will lose a fortune and two will be right and you will make a fortune; for the other 245 trades-you should have been sitting on your hands."


Technical analysis has zero edge, if technical analysts can not execute their edges.Traders  must have a mental edge, all the illusionary edges are worth zero, if a trader can not execute his edge.Mark Douglas explains



Robots can execute a trader's technical analysis, system, method or formula.They put the execution game plan into profit and eliminating the profit gap.The trader still has to find a method/system analysis with an edge


There is a lot to take from this post, for those who want to be successful..



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I personally wouldn't call a commission or a charge (incorporated in the spread) as having an edge in the same way as a Casino has over a fixed odd gamble. They have an 'edge' because they have slightly higher odds of winning against your bet, whilst in the case of IG, if you lose money we aren't benefiting.


In my mind an 'edge' against each other implies you're battling against each, so for clarity to new traders I was making sure everyone is aware that we simply have a commission. 


An edge in the underlying market however, due to it being zero-sum, is different. 

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Guest EA-trader

My last post in this thread stated some truths about trading edge.I will prove to you why my definition of trader's edge works.I stated the following.".Patience is the most important edge for the retail trader, the patience to wait for a really cheap entry, the patience to wait for days and weeks to take a profit and , the patience to wait during uncomfortable losing periods .


The broker only made 3 points spread., but the professional would have made 400 points.The Dow fell yesterday, a trader required the above skills to make 400 points.


Contrarian Investing: Buy When There's Blood in the Streets



warren buffet.jpg





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Guest EA-trader

A lot posts on this forum have links to internet marketeers. This is one link where stooges of these internet marketeers, may be posting links, on this forum,  to promote trading education courses.If you see the ite, it is offering educational courses, at the top of the site.They are looking for naive punters to pay them for education.


Here is the link :



The people who are often very helpful on forums, are not necessarily  being helpful at all .The only money these site owners make is from internet marketing and selling freely available info (already freely available information from other sites).They  make money from selling education courses.Google search is trader's best friend, it will also prove to readers "95% of traders lose", these internet marketers are usually failed traders These internet marketers don't have an edge, they can't make money from trading, are unsuccessful at profiting from their own courses and education, and are the blind leading the blind. 


As regards opinions, technical analysis and trade ideas on this broker's forum, please be aware these are not professional profitable traders  Many years ago FXCM employed traders to trade accounts, they performed poorly.The evidence below shows




Traders have to do their own research, be very careful of opinions on trade ideas.It will save trader's money.


I don't want to be popular on forums, I just want to discuss the truths.







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Guest EA-trader

Trend follower 


These are not edges, these are mental skills, we call them edge  but it is really a mental edge.Without a mental edge, all the technical skills are worthless.


I am internet marketer, selling psychology links.Just a joke, this guy Dr Andrew Menaker has a lot of free webinars.He is the no 1 propdoc psychologist.


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The truths are the difference between good educational material that is well written and well presented by someone who actually knows what they are talking about as opposed to the self-grandising waffle that normally turns up on forums written, poorly, by amateurs pretending to be professionals.  


So I helpfully post links to good material when I recognise it to be sound and honest and inevitably helpful to those wishing to familiarise themselves with the topic. If you can't face a couple of ads for other products without breaking down don't watch tv and don't go online.


The real danger on forums for the uninitiated is not educational material but the charlatan amateur pretending to be a professional promoting dodgy ea's and strategies that never actually work, that is what will cost you dearly. 

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Guest EA-trader

These sites will do more psychological damage to new  traders, the blind leading the blind  new traders will require many years to unlearn the charlatan education.They will require  removing all the poor education from their minds.



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Ah yes, I see where you are getting confused. I'm talking about educational material on the technical specifics of how and why well known common technical indicators work, while you are referring to the cognitive problems of sticking to a strategy and the cognitive damage done to those mislead by charlatans promoting dodgy strategies and ea's. Do you see how the two things are not really related.

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Guest EA-trader



You mean these failed traders selling education, education of failed traders, those who can not make a living from trading, they can't trade professionally, those who know nowt about real trading.They are going to brainwash the new punter and teach him losing strategies.


I am making profitable EAS, if I was to sell them (I am not going to sell EAS), I would hire a stooge to do the dirty wok on forums..


Those who can do, those who can't teach on forums.Private trading forums are dirty business.One owner using multiple,hundreds of forum names, selling education  and wares.


I have never found one bit of worthwhile trading information, in any of your posts.You will make a good trading educator, with your grammar and writing skills.You will also make a very good internet marketer.It is about time you showed us real trading skills, if you have any.You already have teaching,grammar and internet marketing skills.Why would anyone bother with your hindsight analysis and trade reports?


At least I don't act like a charlatan's stooge.Here I post my work on EAS with charts.I am developing these EAS..The moderators can tell me if I am spamming or acting as a stooge for internet marketer.





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You must have gained some benefit from my links as many have been on stochastics which you call 'king of indicators'. An understandable explanation of how a technical indicator works is a huge benefit to the novice and has nothing to do with charlatan practices.


I have never found any of your posts worthwhile, there is never an explanation and your charts are unreadable.


Those that can do, but you can't can you, your 333 'profitable' ea's you are trying to rent out, why are you continually searching for more. Is it because they are all like broken clocks, they only tell the right time twice a day, so you try to line them all up because out of sequence they are all wrong. That is the real reason you can't stick to a single ea or strategy for more than a week.


If you had spent more time learning how to read a chart instead of grail searching you would not be stuck here trying to flog dodgy merchandise.








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Guest EA-trader

This is what I posted in "why all robots fail".


These fake gurus start brandishing opinions on Robots, putting other traders off, so traders waste more of time on the failed EAS, after realizing the fake guru wasted his time.


You opinions are welcome.


Learning from forum Gurus is essentially the blind leading the blind.

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Guest EA-trader

Here is nice educational thread with priceless information, as opposed to spamming charlatans links on I G site.I am not acting as a stooge for specific sites, to sell my own trading courses to naive noobs.This is quality, please don't go ruining another thread, with the external trading course sales sites.You have already ruined another one with amateur stuff.


Stochastic is used by professionals and bank traders.They use it on daily and 4 hour charts.There are less false signals on 28/6/10 settings



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After all this time you really don't get it, every time you attack or insult with a post I will just come straight back at you, and god knows I have enough ammunition. If you don't want threads ruined then don't use them to insult others, you used the last post to say 'please don't ...' but have added an insult to it at the same time, what do you really expect?

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Guest EA-trader

The idea to ruin threads with links to these sites is  in my opinion,  sell price action courses.





You could have just told them, use the stochastics indicator,it is much easier to use. All these sites do,  is complicate and brainwash noobs with useless stuff.Think of all the charlatan educators making money on forums.



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All of the links on that thread on TA are far more informative and have far more depth on the subject matter than anything you have posted. The videos on stochastics you posted recently were laughable, done by someone on their lunch break just running through the very basics. And all of them promoting the firm the worked for and linking back to their firms web page where you can find products to buy, what a surprise.


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